Multiple pages are a thing of the past

If there is something I truly loathe when browsing the web these days, it is multiple pages. I don’t care about pop-ups, because the web browser solves that problem. I don’t care much about Flash because I can just install an extension to disable it, or just not use it at all. I don’t even care about overlays anymore, because sites using it for commercial messages in an obtrusive way just shouldn’t be visited.

Multiple pages are a whole different beast. There is no way to get around this monstrosity if you want to read a long article. Click the “next page” link and see the site reload, that’s all you can do about it.

I hate it. I hate the fact that it is something that doesn’t even remotely help the reader. Multiple pages exist for the sole reason of generating more page views. That’s not something you or me benefit from, only the publisher does that.

I would boycott sites using this technique if it weren’t for the fact that a lot of them actually feature good reads. So I suffer, and whenever I see multiple pages being implement in designs, I bitch about it. That’s my contribution I guess. What’s yours?