There should be local WordPress community meetups too

Here’s a thought: There should be local WordPress community meetups too. If you have no idea what this community meetup thing is, read the announcement post on, and my column regarding why I think it is such a great idea.

So, local WordPress community meetups then. They could work like this:

  • Set in key locations across the world, not just the US.
  • Every community meetup would have one or a few core members present.
  • The purpose would be to use the collective local mind to produce a short report.

This report shouldn’t me a formal scary thing, but rather a document made to help the core team to take ideas and notions as well as criticizm and requests into account from several regions of the world. WordPress isn’t a US-centric thing, it is very much global and we all have different wants and needs. The platform will continue to grow and improve, and even more so if we can collect all this in some fashion.I think local community meetups, in conjunction with WordCamps when possible, is the key to this.

With that in mind, I hereby offer my services to make this happen in Sweden, should the core team think that this is a good idea. Hopefully others will follow.