First of all, I’ve got a Swedish site for my Swedish stuff. You’ll find that at TDH.se, and if you speak the language of the Land of Kings, then you might want to take a peak there too.

You can find me:

  • on Twitter: @tdh (say hi!)
  • on Instagram: @tdhftw (here there be photos)
  • on Facebook: TDH page
  • on Tumblr: tdhftw (auto-publishing madness)
  • in your inbox: RE:THORD (newsletter)

I’m on Facebook, but please don’t try to interact there. It’s not my thing and I won’t see your messages.

I’m also present on Flickron App.net, and on Ello, but not particularly active there anymore.

I’m not on Google+.

I’m obviously fine with you sharing my stuff all over the place. Wherever you want really, but if you want to interact with me, use the channels above.

I abhor email, but you can always reach me at tdh at tdh dot me, if you will.