Plex released for Xbox One

Plex is coming to Xbox One, and soon Xbox 360, natively. From the Plex announcement:

Each of these apps has been crafted to feel right at home on the Xbox, complete with voice and gesture control, and you are going to love them. They’ll be available for free for Plex Pass members on Tuesday Oct 7th for the Xbox One, and shortly after that for the Xbox 360. […] If you don’t have a Plex Pass, you’ll be able to purchase the apps with a one-time fee after the Plex Pass preview period.

This is great news for Microsoft, because Plex is a great media center alternative, definitely a better option than the built in Windows sharing alternatives. The initial release isn’t complete though, you’ll just get videos for now, but music and photos are around the corner.

This is something of coming full circle. Plex is a fork of XBMC, another media center alternative, that in turn originally was for the first Xbox. It’s funny how these things go.