Sunday mornings are usually for reading, but my day’s already screwed up. Fitful sleep with the weirdest dreams, so much in fact that I couldn’t stay in bed, so I was up early. Somewhere in all that, I got this idea for a (small) project, so since I already screwed up my day, I might as well give it a shot. Much like another project I’ve hinted about, the one outside of my comfort zone, this is something I haven’t done before. Unlike said other project, which is nearing its end actually, this one won’t be particularly extensive or take up a lot of time. I’ll give it an hour and see how it feels. If I do end up doing it, I’ll refer to it as Project OK. Okay?

And yes, I had a Dry Martini yesterday too, so here’s another photo of the best martini glass in the world.

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