Taking It Easy

I had planned to write about something completely different today, but things happened. Not today per se, it’s more of a slow moving long-term kind of thing.

Stuff happen. Shit happens. Things change.

All my glorious plans for this summer took a hit this past month due to way too much work. The outlook for these projects are pretty bleak at the moment, but we’ll see. I’ve rescheduled books, and other books have rescheduled themselves due to reasons out of my control. The idea is to free up some time to catch up on vital things, such as breathing, and possibly drinking too.

Taking a breather is important. I’m an always on kind of guy, I get bored easily and I need several projects rolling at ones. But it’s exhausting too, and the strain you’re under tend to extend to your loved ones as well, in a lesser degree of course, but still.

Photo by pasukaru76 (CC).
Photo by pasukaru76 (CC).

So this is me telling you to slow down if you can, when you can. Take a deep breath, or ideally several, and allow yourself to rest up a bit. Reload those batteries.

I proclaim July to be International Battery Recharging Month.

The flip side of slowing down? I’ve got three new ideas already, and yesterday I finished an unscheduled short story. While I’ve been taking it easy, I accidentally solved a problem with a storyline, and although I won’t be hitting that draft just yet, I know that when I do I’ll do so at full pace. I’ve also caught up with most of my correspondence, done another story outline, decided to kick off that newsletter in August, and written some lyrics.

Who knew taking it easy could be this productive?

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