The Writer's iPad, One Week Later

What a week.

Around this time last week I unleashed The Writer’s iPad upon the world. People seem to like it, although I haven’t been able to follow up on that as much as I would’ve liked. At the very least, I am very happy with getting some nice exposure from the likes of Minimal Mac and Tools & Toys, as well as several nice tweets. There’s been some Swedish pieces about the ebook too, but since most of you won’t understand much of those I’ll let them be for the time being.

Alexander at Odd Alice did the cover

Alexander at Odd Alice did the cover

All and all, I’m really happy with The Writer’s iPad thus far. The project is far from laid to rest though, as I have yet to get the ebook up on iBooks Store. The planned method of getting it there turned out to make the ePub look like crap, and that’s a shame since The Writer’s iPad got the professional layout treatment from my friend and colleague Alexander at Odd Alice. I won’t put a sub-par version up on iBooks Store when there is a perfectly good ePub available in the package that you get when buying The Writer’s iPad from yours truly. This is a priority come next week – The Writer’s iPad will hit the iBooks Store, I promise you that. For now, if you can’t wait, just buy the package from me (for $3,99), the ePub looks and works great in iBooks.

There has been requests for a Mobi version in the package as well. I will try to get that sorted next week, and email everyone who’s bought the ebook from me thus far with a download link to the Mobi version. This is primarily for Kindle users who prefer to buy directly from the author (that would be me), thus bypassing Amazon’s cut. The Writer’s iPad is available on Amazon, for those of you that want to buy it there.

I know you’re dying for sales numbers. My data isn’t exactly up to speed, but The Writer’s iPad has passed 100 sold copies, which I’m happy with. Hopefully that will pick up as readers recommend the book, and perhaps there’s some press coverage in the works? I know I should focus on promoting the ebook, but I’m taking it slow at the moment. Right now, my focus is getting The Writer’s iPad up on iBooks Store, and then I need to figure out how to get a decent version ready for Nook.

Ah Nook, that’s a completely different story. It would seem that Barnes & Noble doesn’t want us non-US citizens publishing on their platform. I could just push it out there through a middle-man, but then there’s the issue with the poor conversion of the ePub that these services crank out. I’m not happy about that, but I will do what I can. Nook comes after iBooks Store on my to-hit-list.

I haven’t forgotten about Kobo. Should it be as simple as they claim, you can expect The Writer’s iPad to hit the Kobo Store any day now.

One thing I have forgotten however, is taking care of my health. It’s been a truly busy week, ending with a nasty fever that knocked me out cold yesterday and today. My silence here, and everywhere else really, has been due to way too much work, and struggling to keep healthy. It is easy to forget about these things when you’re in the middle of things, I of all people should know that.

There you have it, The Writer’s iPad one week in. I won’t be doing these posts on a weekly basis or anything, but since so many people wonder how things are going, I figured an update was in order.

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of you who have posted about The Writer’s iPad. No matter if it’s a tweet or a blog post, or even a news story on a major site, I’m very grateful. Any help is appreciated in this new venture of mine.