This is TDH7, at least right now

By now you have no doubt noticed that this very site looks different. As I have hinted on Twitter on numerous occasions, I’ve planned a redesign for quite some time. This is it, and it marks the start of a more organized site when it comes to updates and content.

Since you’ve asked, this is the what’s and the why’s of this particular redesign, in FAQ form.

What does this site run on?
WordPress, as it were before. The theme is brand new though, so this one’s not a child theme built on Notes Blog.

Why redesign?
I wanted a design more focused on the content, and amazingly enough I didn’t find the previous one to be minimalistic enough. I also wanted to give myself a playground that would work well on different languages ( is in Swedish and runs the same code). Finally, I needed something that I felt would work with the kind of content I’m looking to publish.

What kind of content are you looking to publish?
There are four kinds of content here right now (there may be more in the future): short posts or asides as you probably know them, regular blog posts, essays, and static presentation pages on me and my writing in particular.

Hang on, essays?
Yeah, longer stuff. I’ve been meaning to start writing articles on a semi-regular basis on whatever topic I feel needs exploring, and this is it. First one goes live tomorrow. Basically they’re just posts as well, but long meaty ones. Later on they might look and behave a bit differently.

What else?
Basically, I just wanted a cleaner site which put the logo and my recent tweets in focus, with an obvious menu to the right. Content first so to speak, but also giving me an opportunity to do side-projects within the confines of You’ll see more on this later on.

Will you release this theme for download, and/or can I buy it?
Not at this time.

What about the old theme then?
The previous theme, which was a child theme for Notes Blog, will be either released or built into the actual Notes Blog theme. I’ll let you know when that happens, it’ll be a few weeks at the very least I’m afraid.

Is that it?
It is. I hope you enjoy the new design. I’ll be tinkering with it onwards, making it mobile friendly and whatnot, but I’m actually pretty happy with it. So there, now let’s forget about this and focus on the actual content then, shall we?