Delicious, another casualty of search

I used to love Delicious, I really did. It was the bookmarking tool, one of many, that made sense to me back in the day. But things change, or in the case of Delicious, they don’t and that was the problem. Today’s Delicious isn’t far from the service I used on a daily basis years ago. And now it is shutting down, as widely reported.

Maybe that’s the reason why I’ve added a mere handful of bookmarks to my account this year, and not even once looked anything up. I used to do that you know, but no more.

Why? Well, there just isn’t any need for bookmarks in that sense anymore, search is that good.

There might have been a place for Delicious in today’s social web. After all, it could be a bookmark/link discovery engine and I’d like to think that could’ve complemented Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader in some way. That is, if Yahoo and Delicious had been on the ball earlier in the game.

That ship have sailed. So long Delicious, and thanks for the early years at least. You used to matter, there’s always that.