Marco Arment on feeding the sensational bullshit monster

Marco Arment’s post about Apple losing “the functional high ground” spun out of control, and became fodder for the sensational bullshit fire. That wasn’t the intention, and now Arment’s less than happy about the outcome.

If there’s any flaw, it’s an unstoppable nightmare of embarrassment and guilt. Most people, myself included, aren’t accustomed to that level of scrutiny. Those who are usually have PR training, editors, and handlers to protect them from publishing flippant blog posts before they go to bed.

Fair enough, but this isn’t the first time Arment’s commented something and it’s been blown out of proportion. Arment even admits this in his post, so although I feel for him, I also find it naive to think that what he writes will always stay in his quiet corner of the web. Lesson learned again, I guess.

The original post that sparked everything is here.

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