Readability is Instapaper with a bit of Flattr to it

The Readability experiment on the Arc90 blog got some exposure and is overall a pretty cool bookmarklet that lets you strip away all the nasty stuff (that’ll be ads and poor design) from websites. It’s built into Safari and is actually something of a live version of Instapaper.

And now it’s available for $5/month (or more, if you want to), on its own site and all.

Now why would you pay for this service? Well, first of all Readability now bookmarks to Instapaper, which sounds awesome. That’s not all, because 70% of your monthly payment goes back to the publishers. It’s all outlined in a blog post as well as on the sign-up pages. Pretty sweet, I like the idea of giving back to the publisher.

Another way you can give back to the publisher is by using Flattr, which is present on this site in case you wondered what that little green button is (and didn’t watch the video). Isn’t it nice to see the tipjar make a comeback on the web in better ways than that donate button using Paypal? I sure think so.