Windows 10, the non-April Fools version

Microsoft have announced Windows 10 and released a developer preview, if you’re interested. Yes, the Start menu is back, and yes it involves the not called Metro live tiles. Windows 10 is for all Windows formats, from mobile to tablet, to desktop to whatever. Much like Windows 8.

I have no opinion on Windows 10 yet, I’ve yet to download and try it. I will, later.

But where’s Windows 9, you might wonder? Don’t worry, you didn’t miss it, it’s just too good to be released, so they skipped that version. At least according to this story, who absolutely isn’t an April Fools story from last year…

“The Windows 9 internal beta was a phenomenal success,” said Microsoft PR rep Cheryl Tunt. “I mean, it blew Windows 8 out of the water, and as we all know, Windows 8 is nigh flawless. After discussion at the C level, Microsoft has decided it will not mess with success and will leave Windows 9 exactly as it is. As such, work is now getting under way on Windows 10, which should see a public release.”

Sometimes reality beats fiction.