On Lion: Fullscreen apps are great, but…

One of the new features in Lion is that apps can have a fullscreen mode that essentially gives them a dedicated Space of their own. This is really sweet in some apps, but others just won’t work.

Reeder looks nice, for example:

Reeder fullscreen

So does Safari and the native Screen Sharing app, for example.

MarsEdit on the other hand, well here’s the window I’m writing in right now, in fullscreen mode:

Marsedit fullscreen

Not exactly an ideal writing environment, wouldn’t you agree? Something more in the lines of Writeroom or iA Writer would be sweet though, with a full width feature as an option when you’re enter Super Advanced HTML Mode DX. I’m also a bit confused as to why only the compose windows gets fullscreen mode, and not the main window? I mean, it does makes sense since each compose window will get its own Space, but it feels a bit odd.

Now don’t let this keep you from buying MarsEdit, it is awesome blogging software! Yes, I felt as if I had to say that, since I truly like it.

Fullscreen mode is a feature that I’m already enjoying. It might not be ideal for all apps, and should never be mandatory.