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  • The Amazon Fire Phone Is About The Future

    I haven’t played with nor seen Amazon’s smartphone, the Fire Phone. It’ll probably not even be available in my neck of the woods, much like the Kindle Fire tablets. It matters little for this piece though.

    Amazon showing off the Firefly feature
    Amazon showing off the Firefly feature

    The tech media seem puzzled about Amazon’s decision to ”fork Android” (read Ben Evans’ piece on this if you’re interested) and go head to head with Apple, Google, and to a lesser extent, Microsoft. There are some interesting features in the Fire Phone, including the 3D UI, Firefly and Mayday, and the Buy button, and then there’s Amazon’s Prime service too. The general consensus is that the Fire Phone is an expensive yet underpowered high-end smartphone with Amazon’s limited app store, tailored for Amazon services. The question this beckons is who’d want this?

    It’s a valid question, with an obvious yet complicated answer: Amazon’s customers wants this. The answer is obvious because if you do all your shopping at Amazon, if you use Prime, then the Fire Phone’s for you. On paper that might make sense, but in reality smartphones are personal devices and I doubt a lot of us want to be defined by where we buy adult diapers.


  • Några snabba [29/6, 2012]

    Lite blandad kompott som inte fått bli egna poster från veckan, kort och koncist som vanligt.

    För övrigt, ursäkta om jag är sen på att svara på kommentarer just nu. Halvtaskig uppkoppling och typiska sommaraktiviteter (nåja) sätter tempot just nu.

  • Quick notes on the new Kindles

    Amazon finally unveiled its tablet, and it is not an iPad competitor. That doesn’t mean it will fail, on the contrary – I think the $199 Kindle Fire will sell like crazy because there is a market for a cheaper device. At least in the US where Amazon’s various content services are things people actually can swear by, how the company intends to conquer the rest of the world I have no idea, it isn’t happening yet that’s for sure.

    Since I’m in the publishing business, writing books and whatnot, I figured I’d share my thoughts on the new Kindles. (more…)