Month: March 2011

  • Aggregator populärast för #wpse

    De flesta verkar vilja ha som en sorts startsida som aggregerar svenskt WordPress-material. Bra där, det ska vi ha. Mer? Tyck till här!

  • Vad ska vi göra med #wpse

    Ni minns kanske att jag köpte loss domänen, främst för att säkra upp hashtaggen #wpse på Twitter. Vi behövde en allmän hashtagg som inte var så regional, #wpsthlm känns ju lite fel för göteborgare och malmöbor att använda kan man ju tänka…

    Hashtaggen #wpse är alltså säkrad, det kommer inte hända något konstigt på, vilket jag redan lovat.

    Frågan är bara vad som ska hända på Vad gör vi med den?

    Det har kommit flera förslag, de flesta inriktade på WordPress-bloggande. Jag är lite tvedelad till det, för då får en redaktionell röst (min, antagligen) och det är inte riktigt rätt tycker jag. Jag har fått för mig att det borde vara en mer övergripande, svensk grej. Nyhetsbrev har också varit uppe, för övrigt. (more…)

  • Bra där, @emanuelkarlsten

    Emanuel Karlsten slutar på Expressen, kör frilans. Bra där, och hög tid!

  • SEO isn't killing journalism

    I think it is time to calm down, take a deep breath, and drop those MacNook keyboards for a little while. Maybe that’s the medicine needed for this SEO sickness that’s been going around for some time, culminating in the AOL Way leak and then AOL’s deal with the Huffington Post.

    Enter the “SEO is killing journalism” blog posts, editorials and other echo chamber nonsense. (more…)

  • Spotify når 1 miljon betalande prenumeranter

    Grattis till Spotify som nått 1 miljon betalande prenumeranter, kort och gott – grym milsten.

  • Thanks for the €33, folks

    A month with Flattr enabled on earned me €33 ($36), so thanks dear reader. Every euro will be spent flattring other peoples excellent writing, so you’re contributing to the tipjar ecosystem twofold by flattring my posts. Not sure what I’m talking about? Check this out.

  • Metrobloggarna räddade, kanske?

    “En ny aktör” ska rädda Metrobloggen skriver Medievärlden. Vem är aktören och hur ska de rädda Metrobloggen? Om jag bloggade där skulle jag nog flytta trots allt.

  • The problem with self-publishing

    I’ve said it before, but in case you’re not in my fanclub of Extremely Dedicated Readers & Stalkers of TDH here’s a reminder: I’ll self-publish a few books this year. Ebooks at that, although I’ll most likely offer the books as dead tree copies as well. I’m thrilled about this, and I’m taking it seriously. That means paying for a professional editor and getting unique cover art, no stock images for me thanl you very much. I have no doubt in my mind that the amount of money this will cost me will be earned, so I have no problem hiring professionals.

    I will tell you this: I have one major issue with self-publishing.

    It’s not the startup cost, or the technical aspect (hey, I used to publish books and magazines when POD was an acronym most people didn’t know) even. It’s not the royalty cut withh Amazon, Apple or any other outlet of ebooks, and it’s not the lack of an advance.

    No, it’s the fact that I’m supposed to sell myself.

    As in me, selling myself, promoting myself, explaining to people how extremely excellent I am and how happy they should be that I acknowledge their existence. Well, maybe not that last part.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have faith in what I do, and I don’t doubt my talents (any more than I should) or am full of illusions for that matter. I can tell when I’m good, and when I’m good I’m pretty damn good, but that’s not it. I’m just not comfortable with selling myself, or anything else for that matter.

    Usually my publisher does this. When I’m self-publishing I’m expecting to do it on my own.

    This is crazy. I don’t cut my own hair, my hairdresser does that. He won’t tell me how to build a website using WordPress. We’re all good at different things, and since I’m a writer I should write, right?

    But when I’m self-publishing I’m supposed to sell as well.

    This is my main gripe with self-publishing and I’m not at all looking forward to promoting myself. I might in fact end up hiring someone to do that as well, who knows. Either way, it will be interesting to give this a go, and

  • Tumblr needs to get its shit together

    I’m a fan of Tumblr, it’s an awesome service that does something completely different than WordPress (which I incidentally also love), despite the additions of post formats to the latter. But the Tumblr service have had a hard time lately, and although I like the error page they serve, I’d rather not see it too often.

    Which I don’t. The last few days, I’ve gotten this every now and then, when trying to post TDHFTW nonsense.

    I’m sure Tumblr is working hard at getting their shit together, they definitely should. There are some 14,6 million blogs on Tumblr, and counting, so I hope this is a minor bump on the road that they’re flattening out as I’m writing this.

  • Playing around on Tumblr

    While I’m working some stuff out I’m playing around on Tumblr as well. Check out TDHFTW if you will. A warning might be in order though, it is full of nonsense, quotes, and silly shit. And might be NSFW, you never know.

  • iPad vs. MacBook Air

    This is the big one that a lot of people are asking themselves, and probably even more so now that the iPad 2 is out in the open (albeit not in stores just yet).

    Should I get an iPad, or should I get the MacBook Air?

    I’ve got both. My Air is the 11″ version, because frankly although the 13″ version is portable and excellent, the size difference makes it less of an option for the ultraportable road warrior.

    So, iPad vs. MacBook Air 11″ then. It’s on, what should I buy, which is right for me? (more…)

  • Jag berättar hur Nintendo kan rädda Wii

    Det är inte ofta jag länkar till poster på Spelbloggen eller Mapple, men den här förtjänar uppmärksamhet tycker jag. Så kan Nintendo rädda Wii – läs om du är det minsta intresserad av spel.

  • Flash fiction

    Flash fiction, take that word in your mouth and taste it for a little while. Sounds awfully cool, doesn’t it? For those of you who doesn’t know, flash fiction is another word for a short story, or rather, a really short story. How short depends on who you ask, but the consensus seems to be shorten than 1,000 words. That would be some 5,000 characters, assuming the average word in the English language is 5 characters, which it is according to Google.

    I’m a big fan of short stories and I think it is a shame they are generally seen as commercially unsound. If they weren’t we’d see more of it, obviously. Money talks, even for writers. Or especially for them, perhaps, what do I know.

    I’m in a short story mood, so as soon as the mammoth gig Odd Alice is doing for an exciting company is done I’m bound to let out some steam by pursuing some of the ideas I have.

    Flash fiction. I like it.

  • WordPress needs a content license setting

    As request by Joakim Jardenberg for my Notes Blog theme, I think WordPress needs a content license settings. Not all of us wants to claim traditional Copyright, there are a lot of sites relying on Creative Commons for example. This should be in the core with a template tag for easy inclusion in themes, I think.