My name is Thord D. Hedengren, and I’m happy you’re here. I’m a writer and entrepreneur, sometimes photographer and speaker, living in Sweden.

I think a lot about how technology intersect with culture, open source, privacy, and where we’re heading in this collective journey of ours. Sometimes I write about this, in essays, as a freelance writer, and in fiction.

I also write a personal newsletter.

If you’re interested in my ventures, read more about TDHFTW, my holding company. Things like Monograph Books, Kong, WPSE, Bored Horse, RSVP, and more, are run under that particular umbrella.

Divide & Conquer, the digital agency I co-founded, is my day job. I also do speaking gigs and freelance writing – see my work page for details.


I grew up in Southern Sweden, but I’m actually born in Stockholm, our capital, where I live now.

The story goes that I started my first company at 18 (that’s 1998) because I didn’t want to get up in the morning, and it’s actually true! Granted, it helped that I already owned a fairly successful gaming site, and had the contract to do the official Sega Dreamcast website in Sweden.

I ran various gaming and entertainment websites for years, got hit pretty hard by dotcom and huge spikes in hosting costs, but managed to make it work for a long time. WordPress, and other open source software, was used back then too, but it was a different ecosystem, much less mature. I learned a lot. It wasn’t until 2007 that I sold my network (post in Swedish) to focus on that new thing called blogs.

I spent a couple of years doing freelance writing and editing for various US based outlets, mostly. I was the editor of both the Blog Herald and Devlounge, and I helped consolidate hundreds of niche blogs into verticals for Splashpress Media. I also managed to get a bunch of threats, and underwear in the mail, during this time.

John Wiley & Sons. contracted me to write what would become Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog in 2010, in part thanks to recommendation from WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg. I did four editions of that book, a Smashing WordPress Themes book, and a book on Tumblr, before sales where down and we parted ways amicably. Some of these books were translated to Spanish and Portuguese in particular. They were all written in English.

2010 saw me focusing more on design and development again. The books led to a lot of work, so I founded a web agency called Odd Alice, with my then-girlfriend, Malin Jonsson. I’m not going to go into personal stuff, we split in 2018, but remain friends. We also have the best dog in the world, Paazu the shiba inu, together.

Odd Alice was sold to 24HR in late 2017. That turned out to be a clusterfuck beyond anything I’ve ever experienced before.

While working at 24HR, I met Helena Waern. We decided we didn’t want to be part of that particular company, so we left to start Divide & Conquer. That’s where we are today.

When I’m not working, I write (books and more), play games, and listen to a lot of music, preferably on vinyl.


There’s more, if you want to dig deeper.