Month: October 2011

  • Plugins use a lot of shortcodes

    You already know that I loathe shortcodes (well, it’s not that simple perhaps) so the list of shortcodes from plugins on scares me.

  • Make your WordPress themes and plugins translatable

    This week’s column for is about how themes and plugins should be translatable, which isn’t that hard to achieve really. The piece have gotten some criticism for me sticking with more general terms than “internationalization” and “localization”, but I stand by my choice: This way it is more easily read by people who aren’t familiar with localization whatsoever. It’s not an attack on developers either, as I trust my suggestions on how we can all help each other should prove.

  • Written about Steve Jobs

    There are countless posts and tweets and articles being written and published about Steve Jobs right now. You’ve read mine. If you want to read more, MacRumors have a wrap-up, and I’d like to point you to Wired’s post as well. Apple dedicates its front page to Steve, along with this message as well.

  • Steve Jobs har lämnat oss

    Jag är sorgsen idag, för Steve Jobs har lämnat oss. Här skriver jag mer utförligt om du är intresserad av sådant.

  • Steve Jobs 1955-2011

    This is a sad day. The world has lost one of its greatest minds and visionaries, in Steve Jobs, founder of Apple and obviously so much more than that. I have never met nor spoken to Steve, nor have the majority of people writing, tweeting and talking about him today. He was a hero to many, a beloved celebrity, and a leader.

    We are allowed to talk about Steve.

    We are allowed to feel sad.

    I feel sad. In fact, this morning I decided to throw the todo list out the window, to sit down and think different. I’m dedicating this day to figuring things out, work and life and future and everything else that might be spinning around in the back of my head. (more…)

  • iPhone 4S

    Ja, jag köper så klart en iPhone 4S med 64 GB utrymme. Snabbare, bättre, starkare – allt jag ville ha. Spelbloggen har för övrigt rapporterat med spelvinkling.

  • Headweb kniper Disney

    Filmstreamingtjänsten Headweb växer vidare, nu även med Disney-filmer. Snart kanske det inte gör så ont att vi inte har Netflix i Europa?

  • Circumstances

    I have ended up in my (well, not mine but anyway) lakeside home for the week, due to a broken down car that’s in the shop right now. This isn’t all bad, although I’m not looking forward to the mechanic’s verdict and what it’ll cost me. Since my lakeside home is free of anything resembling real broadband, which in my world is 100 Mbit in both directions, this means I’ll have to adapt to a different working style. I’ve got a decent 3G connection (1-2 Mbit) so I can get just about everything done that I otherwise would’ve done from home or the Odd Alice office in Stockholm, so no worries there. However, I don’t have all the equipment I usually rely on.

    • No Apple 27″ LED display for massive screen real-estate
    • No Wacom Intous 4 drawing pad for logos
    • No ergonomically correct chair nor desk
    • No 120+ GB of music
    • No movies, TV series, nor the will to download it over 3G
    • No Nespresso coffee machine


  • Real Quick: On Adobe and Typekit

    Adobe has acquired Typekit, a pretty obvious move. Problem is, although Typekit is an awesome service and I congratulate the founders, this is a stupid move for Adobe. After all, give it a few years and there are no needs for today’s Typekit service whatsoever. Way to invest in the future, Adobe.

  • Läs följetongsromanen Absorbera hos @sandrag

    Sandra Gustafsson publicerar en följetongsroman med titeln Absorbera på sin sajt. Kul initiativ, jag gillar följetonger, så följ här.

  • Let's Talk iPhone predictions

    There are quite a lot of posts sporting predictions for tomorrow’s Let’s Talk iPhone event, where Apple once again will convince millions of people that iPhone is the way to go. I asked on Twitter whether I should write a predictions post, and most of you wanted me to, so I was all but ready to pull out the crystal ball and whatnot.

    Then a friend of mine pointed out that he didn’t want any spoilers, which got me thinking. It’s not like I, or anyone else other than Apple, know exactly what will be announced on stage tomorrow but the buzz usually has some things right. My friend wanted the keynote to feel fresh, and I see what he means. It’s not really just about the products, Apple could announce them on their website and we’d still see AAPL rise as well as products sold by the millions. The keynotes are a show for tech people, the Apple lovers, and something that has been so thoroughly embedded into what we expect from the company. This is entertainment for design-aware nerds. (more…)

  • Quick notes on the new Kindles

    Amazon finally unveiled its tablet, and it is not an iPad competitor. That doesn’t mean it will fail, on the contrary – I think the $199 Kindle Fire will sell like crazy because there is a market for a cheaper device. At least in the US where Amazon’s various content services are things people actually can swear by, how the company intends to conquer the rest of the world I have no idea, it isn’t happening yet that’s for sure.

    Since I’m in the publishing business, writing books and whatnot, I figured I’d share my thoughts on the new Kindles. (more…)