Month: June 2013

  • The Writers Twitter List

    I bet you’ve heard of Twitter, that 140 character soap box that media keep referring to as a “social network”? I’m @tdh over there, and I’m a great fan of this particular method of procrastination. Among the things I like about Twitter is that it can get you in touch with people otherwise inaccessible. I’ve spoken to everything from developers to musicians, and of course to fellow writers, be they literary wordsmiths, freelancing penmonkeys, pretentious poets, or something entirely different.

    A few months ago I started to collect all these writer types in a list. Yep, Twitter lets you make your very own lists, which is incredibly handy if you like me don’t want to read every little thing everyone writes, all the time. The Writers Twitter list is 200 writers strong, and although I do have a lot of these folks in my main feed as well, I feel that a list can be very handy.  (more…)

  • Så tyckte jag om iOS 7, nya Mac Pro med mera

    Om man gissar inför en tillställning, så måste man förstås berätta mer efteråt också. Här är min post mortem på WWDC, för den som är intresserad av sådant.

  • WWDC 2013 Post Mortem

    iOS 7

    I’ve been having a rough couple of days, which is why I haven’t followed up on my WWDC predictions until now. All in all I think I did alright. I was surprised that the MacBook Pro line didn’t even get a speed bump, but the Air got a nice upgrade at least.

    What else? Let’s take this in bullet form.  (more…)

  • Stop And Be Amazed

    Stop And Be Amazed

    It’s important to stop and be amazed sometimes. Bask in your own work, think about your achievments, and take the time to ponder what a wonderous day and age we’re living in.

    I think that last one is really important. We take so much for granted, and the pace of technology makes it easy to forget how we used to do things a mere decade ago. Remember the big bulky PC towers? I remember my first computer, a monstrous 286 PC worth almost a yearly salary. It wasn’t exactly mine, but I was the only one using it. The computer was housed in a big fat box that stood on the floor, around 100 cm high or so. It was huge.


  • Tre låter dig betala appar med mobilen, SMS kräver fortfarande WyWallet

    Mobiloperatören Tre erbjuder sina kunder att betala för sina appköp i Google Play-butiken på mobilfakturan, meddelas det i ett pressmeddelande. Telenor har sedan tidigare ett liknande erbjudande enligt Mobil.

    Så här låter det i ett pressmeddelande från Tre:

    – Vi strävar alltid efter att förenkla för våra kunder och samarbetet med Google gör det smidigare för kunderna att använda Google Play-butiken, säger Nicholas Högberg, VD på 3 Sverige.

    Fina ord, och ingen dålig idé. För mig smakar den dock lite illa, för tydligen är det helt okej att betala för appar på mobilfakturan, men ska du köpa SMS-biljetter så måste du använda WyWallet. Ni minns förstås debaclet med just WyWallet, något som på intet sätt förenklade för några kunder.

    Ingen kan väl tycka att det här vare sig låter eller känns rimligt, inte sant?

  • Maybe I'm Doing It Wrong

    That’s not the most pleasant realization you could come to, but it is interesting nonetheless. I’ve been reading a lot the past few days, and reading always gets me thinking. This leads to questioning things, which is very healthy in my book.

    I’m thinking thoughts like: Is my focus where it should be? Am I working on, and with, the things I truly want? What’s working out for me, and what am I doing to remedy the things that aren’t?

    Am I doing it wrong?

    These are not moments of doubt, but of contemplation. I treasure them, because they are constructive and interesting, leaving me elated and hopeful.

    It’s better to know about all the hard work you have in front of you, to see the road ahead if you will, than to just trod along in uncertainty.

    Maybe that means I’m doing it right?

  • WWDC 2013 Predictions

    WWDC 2013 logo
    WWDC 2013 logo

    I’m not much for making public predictions about events, but the past few weeks have been littered with conversations about what Apple will and will not show and/or release on WWDC this year. So here you are, my predictions, pulled out of the blue, just like every other analyst out there.

    • No new iPads or iPhones. Sorry, these are core products that warrant their own event(s). I would love a new iPad and although that’s less of a stretch than a new iPhone, I doubt it’ll happen.
    • iOS 7. This will happen, a beta and a lot of developer information, along with a brushed up but not completely revamped, and certainly not monochrome, UI. Apple iterates, they rarely remake, so don’t expect a completely different look, rather an evolved one.
    • OS X 10.9. Just as with iOS 7, I expect Apple to show off the next Mac OS, with more in common with iOS, but still completely different.
    • New MacBooks are coming. I expect a revamped line, not just upgraded innards, but Apple sticking with the current models wouldn’t surprise me either. The MacBook Pro line might be in for a retina only future, but the Air might very well be available in both retina and non-retina, if retina at all. Lots more graphics, still far from being a gamer’s choice.
    • iMac and Mac mini bumps. I think we’ll get basically the same shells, just more juice. No retina iMac, sorry folks.
    • New Thunderbolt Display makes sense, but Apple seems to be in no rush with this one. They usually let the Thunderbolt Display follow the iMac in terms of housing and screen, but that hasn’t happened yet. I’m not sure this is big enough to be mentioned in a keynote, might get a silent update whenever appropriate instead.
    • We might get a new Mac Pro. In fact, I believe we will, and it’ll be US made. Expect a powerhouse that the tech press will deem too pricey, but it really won’t be. Just like its predecessor, up until Apple started to ignore it.
    • No iPods at all.
    • Finally, we just might get a new Apple TV. This might just be a sneak preview that opens up the Apple TV to apps, but if it happens it’ll tell us what we need to know about the Apple TV platform, even if the new hardware won’t be out immediately.

    I’m looking forward to see what WWDC will bring. The tech press will no doubt be disappointed, but that’s how the song goes these days. Luckily you can still make up your own mind based on hard facts and your own experience, and I urge you all to do just that.