Month: April 2014

  • The Perfect MacBook

    Every MacBook I buy end up being the best one I’ve owned thus far. Considering this, I have absolute trust in Apple’s ability to iterate and relaunch its MacBook line at regular intervals. That said, following rumors about a retina MacBook Air, I can’t help but tell you what I think would be the perfect MacBook.

    It’s really simple. I want a 12″ retina MacBook Air that can power a 27″ retina screen. That means decent GPU, adequate CPU and RAM starting at 8 GB. I’d also want, nay need, 512 GB or more SSD for all my music and photos and whatnot, preferably without paying with one of my kidneys. None of this is science fiction, this isn’t a dream setup or anything, it’s just what I want.

    I hope Apple’ll replace both the 11″ (which is wide enough but the screen lack in physical height) and the 13″ Air with this 12″ device. Cut the bezel and you’ve got a machine that is essentially the size of the 11″ Air, just a wee bit taller, but closer to the 13″ when it comes to productivity.

    The 13″ retina MacBook Pro is the best computer I’ve ever had, and I absolutely adore the screen. But I could make do with the same retina resolution on a 12″ screen, 13″ would do with a slight bump in optimal resolution if anything. 12″ just makes more sense.

    That’s what I want, and that’s what I hope Apple’s got in store for me. That’s the computer I’d buy to replace my current one. At least for as long as I need a traditional laptop at all…

  • Amazon Ruined Comixology

    Amazon just set digital comics back three years. They bought Comixology, the largest digital comics reseller and service, a while back and although Amazon has a decent track record pertaining acquisitions and their ongoing existence, this is one they botched right away.

    You used to be able to buy comics from within the Comixology app, via an in-app purchase. Simple and effective, because this meant you opened the app just to see if there was something interesting to read. Tap, comic bought, and start reading right away.

    Now you can’t do that anymore.


  • Redesign

    I’ve begun the arduous process of redesigning my online presence. This is something I do a bit more often than most, but it’s not as bad as it was once. You see, there was a time when I redesigned my sites every six months, which isn’t too bad if you want to stay current. Things moved faster then though, and today a design just works longer, although I must confess they’ve always been relevant for more than six months. I used to love to tinker, that’s how I learned WordPress, which subsequently meant I got to write a bunch of books about how to do things with the platform.

    Back then I redesigned because it was fun, and because I could. I was evolving a lot, as a designer and developer, and probably as a person too, without me or anyone else noticing. I’m still evolving, but rudimentary things such as clever taxonomy usage and new markup techniques isn’t doing it for me anymore. These days, I redesign when I need to. (more…)