Month: February 2020

  • The Surface Experiment

    The Surface Experiment

    People who keep reloading my setup page knows that there’s a lot of Apple stuff there. Apple does quality hardware, and decent enough software, for me to lean on them when it comes to my computing needs. But there’s always a different side to the story, and it’s all too easy getting caught up – or plain caught – in what you have and know.

    So I’m typing this on a Surface Pro 7. Well, not the actual device, I’m using the Type Cover, but you get the point. The reason for this is twofold. Changes over at Divide & Conquer means that we’ll be without an office in a month or so. This is all fine, but it does mean that I need to lug my whole gadget park with me, to wherever I’ll plant my behind to get some work done. An extra Android phone is one thing, but the old Alienware laptop we’ve been using for Windows testing is twice as heavy as my brand new MacBook Pro, so that’s out of the question. Especially since I always carry an iPad Pro too, of the 12.9″ variety at the moment, as you probably know if you’ve gotten this far. I – we – need a Windows test device, and the Surface line is as good as any. That’s where it all started.


  • Brain dumping (or welcome to my (b)log)

    Things aren’t looking like they used to here. Yesterday I finally flipped the switch on the new site, then I went to bed. It’s by far the most low-key launch I’ve done in years, but it shouldn’t be. This is my online home, my corner of the web, and while I never forgot about the difference between participating on a social network and actually publishing a site of your own, I didn’t exactly live it, did I?


  • Hi, HEY

    Basecamp is doing something with email, called HEY. They have a glorious domain name for it too, I’m intrigued, because although I’m not an active Basecamp user at the moment, I have been, and they’re doing a lot of things right.

    So I sent them an email, as requested.