Month: October 2020

  • Make someone (then do it again)

    Darius Kazemi calls himself an internet artist, and who am I to disagree? Anyone who can make something as wonderful as the Make someone page deserves whatever moniker they’d like.

    So go ahead, make a person. Then make another until the day’s wasted away.

  • Substack adds support for domains – but there’s a catch

    Substack, the hyped and overall pretty excellent newsletter and website service that I use for Switch to iPad, has added support for custom domains. That means that I could, if I wanted to, point my domain to my Substack page, which of course is located at Prettier, no?

    I was going to do just that, but then I saw that Substack has decided to charge a $50 one-time fee to activate this feature on your account. This to me is a greedy money-grab, and I won’t do it. In fact, it makes me wonder if Substack is the place for me at all. I’ll surely rethink my strategy henceforth.