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  • It’s not even light out

    It’s quiet in the house, the only sound is me gently typing. There was a time when I got up an hour before everyone else just to get some writing done. I don’t seem to be able to re-ignite that habit just yet, although it is what’s happened today. It’s not even light out, although it could be one of those days that won’t ever be, we’ll see. I’m going to use this time wisely, after I hit publish on this post.

    I hate mornings, I really do, but being awake before everyone else, before the day starts, is both rewarding and useful.

  • Today is Father’s Day in Sweden

    Today is Father’s Day in Sweden. I’m not a father, not in the biological sense, or even the legal one. But I do have a three and a half year-old living with me – us – every other week. His mother surprised me with a nice Davidoff cigar, and a proper ashtray to go with it. She knows how to feed my vices… It was a nice moment, and a beautiful thing to do. I’m cherishing it.

    And yes, I spoke to my father. He didn’t have a cigar but seemed in good spirits. As he should be.

  • The geese are standing tall

    An unexpected turn of events has us staying in the city this weekend. That’s a shame, I really wanted to see how the sauna turned out, and was looking forward to swapping the city noise for the silence of the woods. We’ll make the most of it though.

    It’s been a rough week. The bloody US election isn’t helping, unfortunately. Please let it be over today, and the winner be the not-goblin. Thank you.

    The photo is from yesterday’s walk in a park, taken at the entrance so to speak, where the geese are standing tall.

  • Bloody hell, people

    Stayed up following the US election for most of the night, and now, with three hours of sleep (and coffee) in my body, I still can’t bring myself to get anything done. It’ll be a newsfeed kind of day, and that’s just the way it’s going to be.

    Bloody hell, people.

  • Choosing not to do things is bloody hard

    Don’t worry, sanity prevailed – I’m not doing NaNoWriMo on the busiest month of the year! But I could have, that’s the problem. Choosing not to do things is bloody hard.

    I have written on average four days a week since October 1st though, which is a vast improvement. It’s not exactly thousand of words in every session, but it’s something, and it’s getting there.

    Two more things: The October issue of my newsletter is out in a day or two. Scheduling snafu. And also, web designers eying the iPad should make sure they can read tomorrow’s issue of Switch to iPad, because we’re designing a site there.

  • Contemplating #NaNoWriMo

    I’m looking at a pretty hectic month, starting (mostly, or maybe hopefully) the week after next. And yet, here I am with my Freewrite out of its box, contemplating NaNoWriMo.

    Someone stop me, please.

    Freewrite, the e-ink typewriter

  • Advisory behavior

    Today was the first morning in a week where I didn’t get up early to write fiction. I have a reasonable excuse and will find the time to bang out some words later. The big question is if my newfound old habit will work with a three year old in the house, which starts today and goes on for a week. We’ll see.

    It’s been a good week in the house, but we’re back in the city now, facing harder restrictions, or “advisory behavior”, as it were. We’re already adhering to it though, so no biggie.

    Also, trick or treaters will be shot on sight. Or turned away with wrapped candy, whatever happens first.

  • I’ve earned my coffee

    I woke up at 7am, not the ideal time on a Saturday, but going back to sleep wasn’t an option. So I did something I haven’t done in a long time. I got dressed, grabbed my iPad, sat down with a glass of water, and wrote for an hour straight. I miss writing fiction, I’ve been struggling with it for a long time now. It’s not writer’s block or the like, it’s time and priorities, every creative person’s worst enemy. I’m going to change that, I am already changing that, and this morning felt like an important step.

    Some 2,300 words that might or might not be keepers feels really good right now. I’ve earned my coffee.

  • Full speed ahead and all that jazz

    Another busy workweek has started, full speed ahead and all that jazz. The calendar looks pretty much full, with blocked time for all manner of things, including some research that’ll no doubt spark an essay or two.

    Okay, better get to it. Have a good week, y’all.

  • Omelette overload

    A productive workweek is at its end. This weekend will be spent reading and resting, with just a few projects on my mind. One is a redesign, the other is something I’m writing that isn’t a newsletter. Yeah, I’ve been keeping at the fiction thing I mentioned in the September issue of RE:THORD. It’s slow going and might not end up being anything, but it’s something. It’s also in Swedish, so most of you won’t be interested in it anyway.

    We’re off for our daily walk now. I wonder if we’ll be able to keep that up when we’re back in the city, with the kid, next week. We’ll see, they’ve been doing wonders though, these walks.

    Omelette overload (but damn, it was tasty!)

  • Beautiful autumn colors

    This week was supposed to be an easy one. Monday, and possibly Tuesday, those were the work-heavy days. Not so anymore, the calendar is packed, and the only saving grace are the beautiful autumn colors that are starting to show in the woods around the house. We’re staying here this week, enjoying that, and focusing on work.

  • Bribe him with Lego

    Today’s a writing day, with two newsletters (Switch to iPad and RE:THORD) and, hopefully, an interview request to wrap up. The little guy showed up before dawn though, so I bet it’ll be a bit of struggle to get things done. I might have to bribe him with Lego or something.

    Handy bribe at the ready

  • Ah, year end admin

    It’s a messy week. Yesterday was the only (expected) normal workday, but fortunately we were really effective. I still have a ton of things to do, not to mention the yearly books for my holding company. Ah, year end admin, it’s the best, isn’t it? Wish me luck.

    Art in the corner

  • Tinnitus is horrible

    Tinnitus is a horrible thing to suffer from, which I unfortunately do. Combine that with people drilling into concrete outside, and you have a very tired mind today. It started yesterday actually, so this is day two. Hopefully it’ll calm down a bit, but right now, it’s noise-cancellation headphones on, and doing as little as possible.

  • North of nine hours

    Rainy day turned everything upside down, so I guess it’s reading by the fireplace today. Not too shabby in terms of recharging, which apparently was needed because I slept north of nine hours last night.