Setup (March 2019)

My setup is always in flux, and so will this page be. I’ll try to keep up here, as well as keep a log of older setups. I’ve decided to divvy up my gear in what I’m doing, such as writing or traveling, rather than breaking it down to hardware and software.

As always, if you have a cool workflow or a gadget that you just have to have, please tweet to @tdh on Twitter and let me know. I love that stuff.

Updated March 2019 (This is a big one. I’m now using the big iPad Pro, sold my MacBook Pro, tweaked the Switch portion, changed vinyl player, sold the car, got the MP02, removed the Zeppelin which is used elsewhere, added my gaming PC and a PS4, switched from Tower to Sublime Merge, replaced Adobe apps with other stuff, added the Niid Decode bag, DJI CoPilot, Lamy fountain pen, and then some.)

Overall setup

I’ve broken down my setup a bit, because it gets a bit silly otherwise. This is not an exhaustive list unfortunately, I have way too many gadgets. Some would say it’s a problem. I’m working on it.

Apps I’m currently using

This list only contains the primary apps that I use fairly regularly.

  • Writing and taking notes:
    • Notes (stock app, macOS and iOS) for quick notes, longer ones go in iA Writer (macOS and iOS) for notes and longform writing.
    • GoodNotes (iOS) for serious note taking.
    • Pages (macOS and iOS) when needed.
    • Dropbox for sync, and Paper for collaborative writing (macOS and iOS).
  • Development:
  • Design and graphics:
  • Various:
    • Keynote (macOS and iOS) for my presentations.
    • Numbers (macOS, rarely iOS) houses all my budgets.
    • iTunes (macOS) plays Apple Music on the Macs.
    • Music (iOS) plays Apple Music on the iOS devices.
    • Pocket (iOS) is where I read all longform pieces.
    • Unread (iOS) for RSS.
    • Flipboard (iOS) has made it back to my reading habits.
    • Comixology (iOS) has all my comics, although I read very little at the moment.
    • Korg Gadget (iOS) is glorious.

Travel kit

Depending on the trip, I’ll use different bags. I’m in love with the Hunters Satchel from Peg and Awl, but the best daily bag I’ve ever had, and that I use on a daily basis, is the Niid Decode. I sometimes use the North Face Base Camp backpack. I never check luggage, so either I’ll stick with the Base Camp, or use the Rimova Classic Flight Cabin Multiwheel (there’s a mouthful).

The contents inside the bags rarely changes however, not counting whatever clothing I’d need for the climate.

  • iPad Pro in the Smart Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil.
  • B&W PX headphones, because of noise cancellation.
  • Kindle Oasis, if I think I’ll read in the sun.
  • LaCie DJI CoPilot, for both power and SD card backup.
  • Klean Kanteen water bottle (and sometimes it’s thermos equivalent).
  • Miscellaneous:
    • 29W charger and USB C to Lightning cable.
    • Micro USB to USB cable.
    • USB to USB C adapter.
    • Cleaning cloth.
    • Local currency, hand sanitizer, chewing gum.
    • If I’m traveling overnight, I’ll add the Kanex GoPower Watch battery.

Older setups