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  • Five Things, August 2017

    Five Things, August 2017

    It’s mid-August and I have things to share, in no particular order or even with a greater purpose other than to get it out there. So here goes, a (perhaps long overdue) five things enjoyed post for mid-August 2017.

    1. I updated my setup page, mostly because of the 10.5” iPad Pro, which has replaced the 12.9” model. It’s a wonderful device, especially when paired with a keyboard (the Smart Keyboard or Magic Keyboard) or the Apple Pencil. Mine lives in the new leather sleeve which is exquisite but expensive. That’s the major news in my setup, alongside the Libratone Q Adapt noise cancellation headphones. They’re not great but they sure make travel a lot less stressful.
    2. Started reading The Wicked + The Divine and was pleasantly surprised. I’m glad, because Archangel by none other than William Gibson was a disappointment. And yes, those are all graphic novels, or rather, collections of issues bundled as such in my case. I prefer finished stories.
    3. Saw Alice Cooper do an interview at the (official, no less) release party for his new album, Paranormal. It’s a nice album, I’m enjoying it a lot, and not only because of the fan service he’s doing over the songs. Alice loves to namedrop songs and phrases from his discography, it’s always fun to find these. Also, there are quite a few homages hidden on Paranormal. Do check it out if you like old school hard rock with a twist.
    4. I don’t watch that much TV, but I did enjoy the first season of Castlevania on Netflix, written by Warren Ellis (who’s also in the Haunted Futures anthology). Looking forward to the second season.
    5. I enjoyed John Wick Chapter 2. No horrible intro-killings of the non-human kind in this one. I hope they’ll close the story properly in the third movie, this one lost some of the charm of the first one, if you can believe it.

    This might become a regular occurrence, or maybe my newsletter will claim small tidbits like this. We’ll see.

  • Hollywood Vampires

    Alice Cooper’s latest project is a cover supergroup featuring Joe Perry, Johnny Depp, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum, and more. They call themselves Hollywood Vampires and if you like rock you should listen to their self-titled album. Anyway, there are obviously a lot of stories, mostly focusing on Cooper’s past with the original Vampires, but this one from Rolling Stone feels more sincere.

    Depp and Cooper met on the set of Depp’s 2012 film Dark Shadows. Hollywood Vampires started with the idea of recording a covers album, giving them an excuse to fool around in the actor’s well-appointed studio (“He has the best guitar collection I’ve seen,” says Perry). The band took its name from a 1970s L.A. drinking collective that included Cooper, Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson and guest stars like John Lennon and Ringo Starr. Eventually, the new Hollywood Vampires cut an album, with a number of tracks paying tribute to rock greats who drank or drugged themselves to death — Moon, John Bonham, Jim Morrison — some of whom were friends of Cooper. (Cooper himself quit drinking in the 1980s after his doctor told him he could either stop or join his friends in the hereafter.)

  • Alice Cooper guitar incoming

    ASG’s got an Alice Cooper guitar coming on October 21. I’m hoping to get one because it looks marvelous.

    Telltale crimson drops bespatter a snow-white palette, and from deep within a piercing gaze of savage intensity lashes out, an aphotic visage taking in an unholy landscape. There’s something brooding and transcendent in his aspect, an ominous man, pugnacious and sanguineous. Who is this man behind the ferocious Cimmerian stare? Who’s responsible for this truculent view of the World that’s black and white and spotted with blood? It could only be one man. It could only be the groundbreaking artist behind the seminal hits, “Killer,” “School’s Out,” ”Billion Dollar Babies,” and “Muscle of Love.” It could only be Alice Cooper.

  • A perfect Monday with Alice Cooper

    Welcome 2 My Nightmare track list:

    1. I Am Made of You
    2. Caffeine
    3. The Nightmare Returns
    4. A Runaway Train
    5. Last Man On Earth
    6. The Congregation
    7. I’ll Bite Your Face Off
    8. Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever
    9. Ghouls Gone Wild
    10. Something to Remember Me By
    11. When Hell Comes Home
    12. What Baby Wants
    13. I Gotta Get Outta Here
    14. The Underture
    15. A Bad Situation
    16. We Gotta Get Out of This Place

    Some awesome tracks on Alice Cooper’s latest album, made available just recently. You can buy it from iTunes or listen to it from your favorite streaming service. So far I love it.

  • Så här ska en USB-pinne se ut

    Om man stalkar mig på Facebook kan man få se sådana här coola saker. Vad är det? En USB-pinne, mer om det och ett av webbens skönaste företag längre fram.

  • Sonys Bravia-reklamen är underbar

    Sony tar hjälp av skräckmästaren:

    Man måste älska Alice Coopers reklamfilmer.

  • Inför Chinese Democracy, och varför nostalgi är ondska

    Jag har ju hört den redan, nästan hela. Nobbade MySpace-gratislyssningen till förmån för bättre läckta mp3:or. Sorry Axl med skivindustrin, ibland vill man bara för mycket. Idag tänkte jag inhandla mitt exemplar av Chinese Democracy, skivan som kommer vara missförstådd och spontansågad för att det är det rätta att göra enligt Musikkritikerkårens kreddkodex.

    Det bryr jag mig inte om, precis som många andra likt mig. (more…)

  • Spindeln är på gång

    Alice Coopers nya skiva är, likt The Last Temptation från 1994, en konceptplatta. Du skall förstås äga Along Came A Spider, men lyssna redan idag på MySpace. Den växer, den växer, den växer.

  • Alice Cooper 29/11 på Olympen i Lund

    Gårdagens konsert med Alice Cooper var en angenäm upplevelse, milt uttryckt. Det låter kanske lite konstigt med tanke på att Alice är skräckrockens anfader, och fortfarande tar livet av sig själv på scen. Gärna flera gånger. Men självfallet är det bara en show, 59 år gammal är det inte viljan att chockera som driver längre, CNN är värre som han brukar säga själv. Det ligger något i det, om någon hade känslan av att Alice Cooper skulle vara en skrämmande figur fortfarande, ja då har de inte läst om hans kaffesörplande i Malmö(more…)