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  • Hey, Bye

    Basecamp’s hyped email service Hey, which is invite-only and costs at least $99/year (because shorter messages carry a premium price), has a very manifesto-like website. Check it out.

    Now, if you – like me – are pissed off about not getting an invite yet, there’s always Bye instead. Bye takes a slightly different approach:

    Hey everyone—

    It’s 2020 and we need to talk about email.

    Fuck it.

    Bye is the first email service to automatically respond with an insult, and then delete every email sent to you.

    Bye is our erotic letter to email, and we’re sending it to you on the Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, McDonald’s kiosks and Android.

    I love things like this. Hat-tip to my buddy Alexander for sharing this gem with me.

  • This is the new Basecamp UI

    I’m a big fan of Basecamp (and Campfire), in fact we’re using it almost exclusively for communication at Odd Alice. The new UI looks good, snappy and utilizes stacks in a pretty intuitive way. Here’s hoping it will perform just as well on an iPad. It is coming soon and personally I can’t wait.

  • What I use the iPad for

    I’ve had the iPad since the US wifi launch. I bought the 3G version when it came out, and I upgraded to the iPad 2 with 3G at launch. When Apple releases iPad 3 I’ll get that too. In the short lifespan of the iPad it has gone from web browser to reading device to an actual tool.

    Or to put it more plainly, the iPad is by far the most used device, for both work and pleasure.

    So what do I really use it for, and how well is it working out compared to the almost always more fully fledged Mac alternatives? (more…)

  • The Basecamp calendar looks promising

    The upcoming calendar feature for Basecamp looks great, especially for projects with large editorial needs.

  • Basecamp Mobile is great news

    I love Basecamp and I love my mobile (which translates to iOS) devices. Unfortunately, I haven’t found the perfect app for Basecamp yet, and now I might not have to. The launch of Basecamp Mobile is truly promising, albeit without an offline mode of course. Sweet.

  • Basecamp Mobile är dagens bästa nyhet

    Det här gör mig så glad: Basecamp Mobile är bättre än någon app jag testat.