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  • Marshall London

    The Marshall brand is on a lot of things these days, including headphones. While headphones makes sense, a smartphone might not, and yet there’s now a $600 Android thing called Marshall London. But despite the dual headphone connectors, and the Marshall branding obviously, you don’t get much bang for the buck. Gizmodo sums it up nicely:

    Under the hood, the phone’s core specs are barely respectable compared to a top-of-the-line handset. It’s got a 4.7-inch 720p IPS display, which is going to feel pretty tiny and low-res compared to today’s 5-inch=plus QHD displays. It’s got 2GB of RAM, 16GB of on-board storage, plus a Micro-SD slot. It’ll run Android Lollipop at launch, which is great! But that Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chipset is a few years old, and might drag compared to a new flagship. We don’t know much about the 8 megapixel camera, but it’s lower resolution than the most up-to-date phones. It’s a low-spec handset, to be sure, but that doesn’t mean bad.

    I see no reason what so ever to consider the Marshall London, unless you’re a die hard Marshall fan that wants to match it with your t-shirt and headphones. In which case I’ll just remind you that unless you actually hook up your guitar to a Marshall amp, a product line with pedigree and quality, you’re basically buying a look. I guess that’s fine too.

  • Back To The Drawing Board

    It’s hard to build a credible online identity sometimes, and even harder to back that up with a site that makes sense. Take me for example, these are the side-projects I have on my table at the moment:

    • I’m publishing a weekly app newsletter in Swedish.
    • I’m wrapping up a novella that’ll go out to my editor early next week.
    • I’ve got my iPhone novel writing project.
    • And I’m writing a novel too, or rather rewriting it, as should be.
    • Speaking of which, I’m dabbling with self-publishing as well. It sort of connects with the writing, you know.
    • I’m putting the finishing touches on a manuscript for a Swedish horror RPG, which then will have to be translated into English at the very least.
    • I’ve got this site, and my neglected Swedish one, alongside my link commentary that ends up on Twitter and the TDHFTW blog.

    This is just the side-projects, things I do alongside my web agency Odd Alice, and my regular book writing and consulting. Nor is it counting side-projects that fly under either of my two company flags.


  • Too Many Chairs

    Too Many Chairs

    I occupy a lot of chairs, wear plenty of hats, don several mantles. You might even say that I do a lot of different things. Some of these things muddle the message a bit, much like using tired old metaphors to explain something simple…

    I’m a writer, first and foremost. That should be pretty clear, but it isn’t, since I not only write technical books, articles, and columns, but also write fiction, both long and short. To complicate things even further, I also write essays and blog posts, ebooks and commentary to what have you. So while I’m a writer, it’s hard to tell what kind, even for me (other than “the kind that writes” of course). Communicating this, be it in conversation or in promotional material, is tricky.  (more…)

  • Det personliga varumärket och att vara en rockstar

    Anton skriver bra om det personliga varumärket, men glömmer bort en fundamental sak: du blir inte en rocksta utan en gitarr!

  • Apple döper om iPhone OS till iOS

    Smart drag från Apple, nu heter det inte iPhone OS längre utan iOS. Med tanke på iPad och i viss mån iPod touch (och kommande Apple TV…) så känns “iPhone” i namnet missvisande.

  • Should you market a brand or your own name as a freelancer?

    I’m a freelancer, among other things. I do freelance design and write as a freelancer. It is working out well enough for me, after all it lead to my first book and I’ve got more work offers than I can possibly say yes to. All that can change in a heartbeat, which is one of the reasons I love being my own boss. I’m not cut out to work 9 to 5, and I get bored if I’m not constantly challenged.

    One thing I have debated endlessly with myself, however, is wether I should market myself as a brand or use my own name. Obviously I’m not alone in this, this thread on the FreelanceSwitch forums tells me others are struggling with this as well. (more…)

  • Loading på IDG.se

    Reset Medias spelcommunity/portalsida Loading, som för övrigt produceras i samarbete med Gameplayer (vilken ägs av Umit vilka köpte mina spelsajter), kan beskådas på IDG.se. Eller i alla fall på vissa undersidor till IDG.se, här nedan från MacWorld.

    Loading på IDG.se

    Bra jobbat grabbar! Gör något briljant med Kong nu också…