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  • Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel sets

    Do you need some extravagant fashion sets in your life? Not much of that going around during a pandemic, and – let’s face it – it’s not like most of us would go to a show anyway. That doesn’t mean that they’re not cool though, like this New York Times gallery of Karl Lagerfeld’s most fabulous Chanel sets. Like it or not, those are some wild sets designed to showcase fashion…

    And yes, I might be digging deep in my Pocket reading queue. Still cool though, even if the link is from last year.

  • Five Things (May 28, 2018)

    Five Things (May 28, 2018)

    Is May almost over already? That went quick. Here’s a list of five things I’ve enjoyed the last month and a half, since I last did one of these things. It might surprise you…

    • Suits. Yes, suits. It might chock some of you, but I’ve been spending a lot of time wearing suits the past months. Work has demanded it, and I don’t mind a good suit. A shitty one, now that’s a different story. Tiger of Sweden is my brand of choice, paired with a plain black tee or an Eton shirt.
    • Pocket Run Pool is a fun little iOS game by Zach Gage, known for other fun games. The game is free but you should pay to remove the ads because it’s important to support indie developers.
    • The sun requires sunglasses. I’m loving my Ray-Ban Wayfarers, which should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been stalking my Instagram. Such a classic model.
    • Dropbox Paper, the markdown powered Google Docs challenger, has gone from a buggy experience to a pretty decent service. There’s a lot of things I like from Quip in there too. Giving it a serious go for some projects right now.
    • I’m having fun with Korg Gadget on my iPad. If you’re into synthesizers and/or digital music, this might be a thing for you. It’s available on several platforms.

    I love hearing about things you use and like. Hit me up on Twitter or drop me a line. Previous lists can be found here.

  • Where does the t-shirt come from?

    The origins of the t-shirt.

    Shortly after WWI ended in 1920, the author F.Scott Fitzgerald became the first known person to use the word “t-shirt” in print when he included it in his novel, This Side of Paradise as one of the items the main character takes with him to university. And, in fact, a very slight tweak on the design of early t-shirts came about at university, the invention of the “crew-neck t-shirt”. These were made in 1932 by Jockey International Inc at the bequest of the University of South California, who wanted a lightweight, absorbent garment its football players could wear underneath their jerseys to prevent their pads from rubbing and chafing. The resulting style t-shirt was a huge hit with the team and it wasn’t long before students began popularly wearing them.

    Worth a read.