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  • The logical next step for keyboards

    MG Siegler, mirroring my own thoughts:

    believe we’ll all be typing on Force Touch glass keyboards one day in the not-too-distance future.

  • Weird keyboard obsession

    Sean Buckley is apparently more obsessed by keyboards than I am. From his roundup of weird typing devices, where I happen to own the Alphasmart Neo (and its successor):

    I learned about boring keyboards in college, when a nasty case of carpel tunnel syndrome threatened to silence my fingers forever. Then, one day, my father lent me a ridiculous vertical keyboard that changed how I think about typing. Now I can’t stop collecting oddball keyboards.

  • Typo indeed

    Typo 2 is a Blackberry-like keyboard for iPhone. From Sean Hollister’s review:

    Heres ab example of some typig on the FUCK why am I nack obn the homescreen? Typo’s physical keyboard. Its bot ridiculously retTrible but gos I wish Iddnty have to go back and fixz all these nisyakes.

  • The Logitech Tablet Keyboard And AAA Batteries

    I was a little bummed out when I got my Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iOS. People who follow me on Twitter or App.net have heard me complaining about the less than stellar plastic sleeve that turns into a stand. As a stand, the Tablet Keyboard is something of a failure since it risks sliding around on a flat surface such as a tabletop. I’m using said plastic thingy as a stand for my iPad mini as I’m writing this, and although it does work, I really wish I could motivate myself to go upstairs and fetch the excellent Compass stand from Twelve South.

    This isn’t about stands though. This is about batteries.