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  • Switch to iPad hits issue three tomorrow

    The first two issues of Switch to iPad has been sent to subscribers, both free for all. The first issue, asking the question wether you’re ready to switch to iPad, clocked in at 1,500 words, whereas the second – covering picking the right iPad – was 1,900 words.

    The third issue is due on Tuesday, and it’s another long one: the first draft is 1,900 words. Issue 3 is only for paying subscribers though, so you might want to consider subscribing? Pretty please?

    Either way, I’m happy with the Switch to iPad project thus far, and I’m looking forward to keeping at this for quite some time.

  • The Switch to iPad is here

    The Switch to iPad is here

    I recently announced a new project by yours truly, called Switch to iPad. If you’ve been with me for some time, you know I’m an avid iPad user. It’s my favorite computing device, and I rely on it for great many things.

    But not all of them, at least not yet.


  • Announcing the Switch to iPad newsletter

    I’m launching a newsletter early August. It’s called Switch to iPad, and it’s about, well:

    Switch to iPad is a journey to going iPad only. That is to say, getting rid of all those pesky (I kid!) Macs and PCs, and relying on the magic piece of glass that is the iPad as my primary (big) computing device. Together we’ll figure out how to work from an iPad, try out all the gadgets that help us along the way, and find the best apps and methods for a better computing life.

    Read more about it here, and sign up. There’ll be free letters, but there’s also a paid tier with the standard premium newsletter fare of $5/month or $50/year.

    More on this soon. I’m excited!