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  • Roundups of 2014

    I started to collect snippets for yearly lists, for a linkdump post. Best of Twitter, you on Facebook, Tumblr’s year in review, year in music on Spotify – that sort of thing. But looking through these I realized that they’re utterly boring. Even the YouTube rewind video is, while well made and full of things to recognize, nothing worth giving extra thought. So while I’ve linked all of those things above, a way less comprehensive piece of linkage than I had in mind, I really can’t urge you to click any of those links if you’re just going to click one thing today. That says a lot, and it reminds me that not all things are worth linking, nor spending time on.

    As a side-note, are you fed up with the gift guides yet? I certainly am, and I’ve stayed clear of most of them anyway. This is such a weird time during the year, when weak content suddenly gets the spotlight.

    Finally, there is one yearly thing I think is worth checking out, saved for last obviously. I might not be Google’s biggest fan, but their global and national lists of what people have been searching for during the year are interesting. These have been the big issues in 2014, and that’s worth a link.

  • What About Tumblr?

    This is a follow-up to my The Allure Of Medium And Svbtle piece. You should go read that first, if you haven’t already.

    Thinking about all the great things that make Medium and Svbtle so alluring makes it impossible to ignore Tumblr. If we, for just a moment, try to forget the fact that it’s ridden with GIFs, cats, and porn, this should present itself as a formidable alternative. I’ve got a soft spot for Tumblr, but it’s not so much for the social aspects of the platform as it is for the interface.

    Look at that writing experience!
    Look at that writing experience!


  • Random Thoughts And Notes

    I’ve got some random thoughts I need to get out of my system. Luckily, there’s a site for that, so here goes.

    • Tumblr and publishing. The whole platform is just so titillating, it makes me want to roll out an online magazine and watch the reblogging commence! It’ll be interesting to see what Epic will do with it, in conjunction with the Medium publishing deal (Medium are backers of Epic). The obvious problems with Tumblr as a publishing platform are still the lack of SEO and problematic monetization of publications residing there. I’ve got a playful Tumblr blog myself, by the way.
    • The verdict’s still out on Medium by the way. I think there’ll be a post on it later on.
    • Speaking of publishing, shelving the Appricorn project has left me with a number of posts about great iOS apps. I’ll either shop around looking for a publisher for these, or just start cranking them out on a simple site. No sense letting work go to waste, as it would since apps are ever-changing. I don’t think I want to publish them here though, this isn’t an Apple blog after all.
    • Newsletters. I still want to get started with one, but at the same time it isn’t something you just jump into. That said, I would have done just that, had Tinyletter not been limited to 2,000 subscribers. That’s just silly.
    • I’m not in the habit of linkblogging here, but if you’re following @tdh on Twitter you’ve no doubt seen the links and commentary there. Having some fun with that, might spin it off in some fashion. Maybe on Tumblr, with a weekly newsletter?
    • WordPress users might’ve noticed some minor changes to the resource page here. Themes have moved to Bitbucket, and I hope to do some minor updates soon.
    • I’m writing a novella (or novelette, we’ll see) at the moment. The first draft is almost ready. This is in addition to the iPhone novel (which will see another status update here soon) and the revision of Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog. Speaking of which, the 4th Edition will be updated to WordPress 3.7 (next version) and should release late this year.
    • My web agency, Odd Alice, is doing well. We’ve started to think about an English site. There are some fun announcements in the pipeline there.

    Ah, that’s better… Carry on.

  • Yahoo köper Tumblr

    Yahoo köper Tumblr för $1.1 miljarder. Jag vet inte riktigt vad jag tycker och tror om detta, men fördelen torde vara att det kanske kommer bli möjligt att faktiskt hitta en Tumblr-blogg via sökningar framöver:

    In terms of working together, Tumblr can deploy Yahoo!’s personalization technology and search infrastructure to help its users discover creators, bloggers, and content they’ll love.  In turn, Tumblr brings 50 billion blog posts (and 75 million more arriving each day) to Yahoo!’s media network and search experiences.  The two companies will also work together to create advertising opportunities that are seamless and enhance user experience.

    Den riktigt stora frågan är förstås hur många som flippar ut nu. Vi får väl se hur det artar sig. Yahoo har ju tveksamt rykte vad gäller uppköp…

  • WordPress.com, för kattbilderna

    WordPress.com vet sannerligen var de ska satsa för att knappa in på Tumblr.

  • Tackling Tumblr ute nu

    Min bok om bloggplattformen och tillika sociala nätverket Tumblr finns nu att köpa från bra bokhandlar världen över. Eller i USA och Europa i alla fall. Boken heter Tackling Tumblr och jag har skrivit om den tidigare.

    Vill du handla från Amazon (och ge mig lite kickback) så finns länkar på TDH.me. Här i Sverige tycker jag att ni ska köpa boken där den är billigast och mest tillgänglig, men länkarna nedan ger mig någon liten krona i provision:

    Den första (?) recensionen är för övrigt ute nu med, hos ZDNet UK.

  • Tackling Tumblr due in late July

    This is a first for me and my adventures in the print publishing world: Tackling Tumblr will be released earlier than planned.

    The book, which obviously covers the ever growing Tumblr platform, will launch in late July in the US, and hit UK and mainland Europe in August. That’s not so far ahead, so look for some more information on this one real soon. Not today though, as I have a Web Designer magazine deadline on a really cool topic. Stay tuned for more on that too, as the magazine reached the stores.

  • Announcing my next book: Tackling Tumblr

    I’m on the final stretch of the manuscript for my next book, titled Tackling Tumblr. That’s right, after two books (and a second edition), I’m taking a brief step away from WordPress and tackling something new. Tumblr (yes, I’ve got one) is an exciting hosted publishing platform for blogs and simpler sites, and it grows rapidly.

    I’ve been wanting to write a book on Tumblr for quite some time, so I was happy with the go ahead from my publisher this winter. As with the first edition of Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog (2nd Edition due April 18), I took to the French Alps to get some peace and quiet while writing Tackling Tumblr. Well, that and snowboarding obviously. (more…)

  • Tumblr needs to get its shit together

    I’m a fan of Tumblr, it’s an awesome service that does something completely different than WordPress (which I incidentally also love), despite the additions of post formats to the latter. But the Tumblr service have had a hard time lately, and although I like the error page they serve, I’d rather not see it too often.

    Which I don’t. The last few days, I’ve gotten this every now and then, when trying to post TDHFTW nonsense.

    I’m sure Tumblr is working hard at getting their shit together, they definitely should. There are some 14,6 million blogs on Tumblr, and counting, so I hope this is a minor bump on the road that they’re flattening out as I’m writing this.

  • Playing around on Tumblr

    While I’m working some stuff out I’m playing around on Tumblr as well. Check out TDHFTW if you will. A warning might be in order though, it is full of nonsense, quotes, and silly shit. And might be NSFW, you never know.

  • I love the Tumblr is down graphic

    While it isn’t particularly fun to see things like this when you want to fiddle around with Tumblr, it is at least a nice little graphic you’re being served when the service is down, courtesy of The Oatmeal.

  • Blogger stabilast i Pingdom-test

    Pingdom har tagit reda på vilken bloggtjänst som är mest stabil. Blogger vann, wordpress.com är tvåa, och Tumblr (som haft abnorma problem) kom sist. Hela köret här.

  • Om att upptäcka mikrobloggandet för sent

    DN säger att 2008 är mikrobloggens år, läste jag igår. Kryddar gör man med en artikel om hur man gör – komplett med länkar till Twitter, Jaiku och Tumblr (men inte Pownce). Som vanligt ser man ett nytt fenomen väldigt sent, i sedvanlig gammal media-stil. Twitter-boomen är år gammal.

    Det är inte för sent att skriva om mikrobloggande, men att inte djupdyka i fenomenet känns som en billig artikelpitch från journalistens sida.