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  • Tackling Tumblr due in late July

    This is a first for me and my adventures in the print publishing world: Tackling Tumblr will be released earlier than planned.

    The book, which obviously covers the ever growing Tumblr platform, will launch in late July in the US, and hit UK and mainland Europe in August. That’s not so far ahead, so look for some more information on this one real soon. Not today though, as I have a Web Designer magazine deadline on a really cool topic. Stay tuned for more on that too, as the magazine reached the stores.

  • Jag skriver om WordPress-teman i Web Designer 184 #wpse

    Om du verkligen vill stalka varenda litet ord jag skriver ska du köpa Web Designer nummer 184, för där finns det nio sidor om WordPress-teman signerat undertecknad. Mer om detta på TDH.me – det är trots på engelska!

  • Published: WordPress theme article in Web Designer 184

    Every now and then I do a bit of freelance writing. I try to keep it down to 1-2 articles per month, so that I can focus on books and projects, but this Summer I intend to spread myself all over the place. Which is to say you’ll find my words on other blogs, in magazines, and in ebooks as well.

    The first one I’d like to tell you about is my article about WordPress themes in Web Designer issue 184. You might want to check out the preview post on the magazine’s site.

    The article spreads over 9 pages and looks pretty good I’d say. (more…)