The Notes Project

This project is currently paused. I do not know if/when I will pick it up again. There is a story behind that decision, but that’s for another day.

The Notes project started on but has since moved here to keep things focused. The idea is to provide solid themes and plugins for WordPress that you can build upon as well as use as is, everything licensed under the GPL license of course.

Other than the sub-pages listed below, you might want to follow the Notes tag here on


There are three main themes within the project.

  • Notes Blog is a blog and static site theme ready to be used as is, or expanded upon using child themes.
    Most recent version: ↓ 0.9
  • Notes Mag is a so-called magazine theme, quick and easy to set up and get started with.
    Not currently available.
  • Notes Core is a sandbox theme for developer looking for a framework.

All themes are validating and released under GPL. They are hosted on for easy updates.


There are two plugins within the Notes project at this time.

  • Notes PostWidget which lets you create posts and use them as widgets.
  • Footer Notes which is a simple plugin used when learning how to build plugins.