Month: February 2013

  • SMS-gåvorna har minskat med 92% sedan WyWallet infördes

    Röda korset är inte så nöjda med WyWallets entré på marknaden. Så här twittrar de:

    Sedan WyWallet infördes har antalet gåvor vi får via sms minskat med 92%.

    Mer information ska komma snart, räkna med rubriker i dagspress när de vaknar.

    Jag undrar om mobiloperatörerna är nöjda med det här?

  • Questions For A Writer

    “How do you do it?”

    I don’t get the question. There is no doing “it” here, writing is a bunch of things, but people seem to think that the craft is all about sitting down, typing away, and then you’re done. I used to ask the carpenters building houses the same thing, but then I got this thing with the nail in my forehead and I forgot what I was talking about.

    “I want to live like you do!”

    Of course you do, you think that all I do is drink and write and slouch around listening to music way too complicated for you, while waiting for inspiration to hit like a multiple muse-fueled orgasm. That’s not how it works, I’m actually hungover just like the rest of you.

    “I’ve written a book, three of ’em actually, they’re in my drawer and they’re awesome you know…”

    No, they’re not. Do you know how I can say that? They’re in your drawer, which is a piss-poor place to store manuscripts. There are these things called hard drives and whatnot these days. I’ll troglodyte with the best of them, but storing a manuscript in your sock drawer is just plain stupid. So is your book, if you keep it there. So there!

    “You have it easy!”

    Fuck yeah I do! Except when I’m not, of course.

    “Hey, if it doesn’t sell, just self-publish an ebook and make a few grand, write a $3,000 piece for Vanity Fair and have Wired commission something hip!”

    I’ll get right on that, but first I need to learn how to fellate myself, because that sounds just as likely. And just like your notions, it is about as possible for a fat drunken bastard as yours truly.

    “Why don’t you make money on your blog then?”

    Fuck you, I’m not a blogger!

  • Det är dags att lägga ner TV-licensen

    Numera ska du betala TV-licens om du har en enhet som kan ta emot TV-sändningar. I verkligheten betyder det att även datorer, tablets och dylika mobila enheter med tillgång till internet nu är licensbelagda. Det rör sig, som det påpekades i den här artikeln hos Computer Sweden, om 150 kr extra per månad för en internetanslutning, oavsett om du tittar på traditionell TV eller ej.

    Absurt. Ungefär lika absurt som det här uttalandet, från samma artikel:

    – Det handlar inte om att vi ska jaga personer med datorer. Men det har blivit så att fler manicker har blivit avgiftspliktiga. I dagligt tal kanske man uppfattar det som att vi jagar folk, men det vi gör är att föra en dialog om deras eventuella tv-innehav, säger Carl-Gustav Johansson, vd för Radiotjänst.

    TV-licensen har blivit en internetlicens i praktiken, vilket betyder att alla ska betala – utom företag som kan “plombera” sin utrustning genom att lova och svära att de blockerar TV-sändningar. Det är ett alternativ som privatpersoner inte ges, vilket är upprörande och stärker argumenten för att TV-licensen är en straffskatt och inget annat.


  • Never Write For Free

    There are a lot of people out there who have ideas, visions, and dreams. They need you, they need your knowledge, and they need your words.

    But they can’t pay.

    Do you write anyway?

    Let’s rephrase that. Have you, at any time, written for free because you’ve been led to believe that:

    • the opportunity of being published will reward itself
    • being published is a gateway to paid gigs
    • writing for free doesn’t cost you anything
    • the publisher will pay you later on

    If you answered yes on any of these, I’m sorry to say you’ve been not only wasting your time, but possibly devalued yourself as a writer.


  • Revising The Casbah

    I have a deadline. It is a mere week away, and I’m not done yet. That’s no biggie, you might think, but I’m editing this book you see, the manuscript for the fourth edition of Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog (and yeah, I guess I’m announcing that right here, right now), and I’m not done yet. I’d like to tell you that I’m not even close but that would scare my publishes and stop you from shelling out the $30 or whatever for a copy, and then I can’t pay my mortgage or support my drinking habits, so I won’t.

    I will tell you this though: Second, Third, Fourth, Xth editions are hard work. You’d think it would be easy to keep a winning concept rolling, to fix the code and change the examples and then wham bam thank you money-sending lady at the publisher’s office.


  • Your Own Writing Place

    No doubt you’ve read posts, interviews and articles where writers talk about the importance of your own writing place. The writer’s sanctuary can be just about anything, a place under the stairs, a converted cupboard, your home office, or a lavish castle draped in vines with a moat keeping the mob at bay. It really doesn’t matter, the know it all’s will tell you, as the important thing is that you have a place where you can write.

    And you know what, they’re right.


  • Deadlines

    When you commit to a deadline as a writer, stick to it. Forget about the notion of writers waiting for the magical muse, forget about writer’s block, and forget about people being patient with you because you’re creating art. Every time you miss a deadline, you’re being unfair to someone. It might just be you, or it might be a team of editors, designers, marketers, and so on.

    “But I’m the star, they’ll have to wait!”

    No, they don’t have to wait. You’re not indispensable, and besides, do you feel the same when the mechanic isn’t finishing work on your car on time, or you have to wait a whole day for a plumber who doesn’t show?

    Or as I like to put it: Editors are people too.


  • Hello, Says The Writer

    Folks, I’m what you call a writer. I write words that stumble upon each other, form sentences, paragraphs, articles, books, lyrics, and the occasional obscenity. Come to think of it, most of these forms of expressing myself in the written form are related to obscenity in some fashion. I guess that’s just who I am, or rather what society demands of me should I want my ego to be appropriately stroked on a semi-daily basis.

    That lousy worm, the part of me that writes words like these, that nasty little bugger, he craves further attention. He almost wants to blog again, although he still maintains the healthy loathing for the word, the so called profession, and the lifestyle of the blogger. In fact, that dark little devil is very close to deleting this very site every now and then, although he usually passes out before committing said crime against humanity, not to mention the bank account.


  • Breaking News

    Flipping through my RSS feed I was once again reminded that being first isn’t always the key to success. In this case it was web publishing, and Boing Boing in particular. The blog had just run a post about how Darth Vader tackled the Hoth battle in The Empire Strikes Back, originally a Wired story. I had seen the story being mentioned at least a dozen times already, over a 24 hour (or something like that) period of time.

    In conclusion, Boing Boing was late on the ball, which you might think was embarrassing considering this is a pretty typical Boing Boing story.

    The thing is, it doesn’t matter.


  • Chasing Dreams

    It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you need to know when it is time to stop doing it. You might be writing a book, publish a site, or chase some other dream – everything has to have its limits.

    I know, that hurts. You dream about doing something, being someone, achieving greatness, and here I am telling you that you shouldn’t chase that dream forever.

    Not all of us can be rockstars, no matter how much we want to. We can, and should, try though.

    You shouldn’t give up easily either, never that, but when you set out to do something, to achieve a goal, then you need to know when enough is enough.


  • Taking It Easy Is Hard

    I’ve been home sick since Friday last week, not being able to speak due to throat issues, with a dash of fever and a spot of mucous to go with that. The week before that started with me getting back from another stint of some sort of hyper flu, hyper being a time element in this case. It would seem I got back to work too early, pushing myself too hard, since I got sick again so quickly. I usually don’t get sick.

    Despite not usually being susceptible to whatever flu that’s bothering Stockholm at the moment, I’m not of the habit of working myself towards illness. I did in the past, to an excessive degree one might say, and learned my lesson. Still, there are times when taking it easy is hard.

    Let me rephrase that: Taking it easy is always hard, but sometimes it is really hard.


  • Gå på WP-Kafé #wpse

    Stockholm har förärats med ett nytt WordPress-event, nämligen WP-Kafé som kommer inträffa ett par gånger under våren. Jag pratar på det är sjuk så missar tyvärr den första, den 11 februari.

  • The Problem With Infinite Scroll

    Infinite scroll is becoming more and more common these days. You’ve no doubt seen it: When you think you’re about to reach the bottom of the page it automagically adds a new set of items thus prolonging the page without you ever seeing the end of it. As you keep scrolling downwards, the site does this over and over again, preventing the page to ever end.

    I hate that.

    OK, so I don’t actually hate that, but I do think it is an overused technique that breaks the design of most sites.