Month: September 2013

  • Apple's New iPhone Lineup

    You’ve probably heard that Apple has announced (and released, in some parts of the world) two new iPhones: the 5c and the 5s.

    The iPhone 5c is the long rumored plastic iPhone, the one analysts thought would be cheap but wasn’t. Meanwhile, the iPhone 5s is exactly what everyone expected, which means that it’s a spec bump on the original iPhone 5, with some new features (64-bit processor, motion chip, fingerprint scanner). These products have been covered immensely elsewhere, so I’ll just point you to Apple’s product pages for more information.


  • Säg hej till Appmagasinet

    I dag lanseras Appmagasinet, en gratis e-posttidning om iOS-appar. Teckna din prenumeration här!

  • It's A Bit Much

    Hey friend, how’re you doing over there?

    Feeling happy, thrilled, psyched, annoyed, tired, irritable, tired? Starting to wonder why the fuck it matters, or why it doesn’t? Having trouble sleeping, getting into fights with your significant other, kick your dog, snarl at your cat, want to throw that bloody smartphone through the fucking window because you haven’t heard back about that thing, or the internet’s down, or you can’t play GTAV yet, or Apple did something or they didn’t – and fuck! – everyone on Twitter’s telling you things that are wrong and how the hell can’t they understand that you’re right and they’re morons?

    It’s a bit much now, isn’t it? You’re stressed, society forgives you, tells you to chill out a bit, your friends accept your apology. You vow to be better, to get better at dealing with your shit, and you tell it to the world.

    You hit the wall. You get sick. Your heart gives in.

    You’re dead, but you’re not.


  • Ljuva farväl

    Dessa ljuva farväl.

    Det är slut, vi har gjort vad vi skulle, nådde inte dit vi borde, drömde vad vi önskade, lågan brann ut, tiden räcker inte till, finns inget kvar att bevisa, eller vad som nu känns mest lämpligt.

    De är falska, alla. Lägger du ner ditt projekt, då har du förlorat.

    Jag tänker på det apropå Ajours nedläggning (jag är avhoppad medgrundare), men menar dem inget illa. Det var dags, det blir ofta dags, har varit dags för mig själv så många gånger – jag känner igen mig, en miljon mil från Ajours redaktion. Så går det, misslyckanden och bakslag, saker som helt enkelt inte går som man tänkt sig, eller så händer någonting. Vilket som, spelar ingen roll, för det är bara rökridåer egentligen.

    Framgångar läggs inte ned.

    Så enkelt är det, brutalt men sant.

    Framgångar föds ur askan kan hävdas, om det känns bittert och jobbigt. Det är en tunn lögn för svaga själar, som så mycket annat. Sanningen är att framgång kommer av att försöka igen, och oftast igen, igen, igen. Iterera, som det heter.

    Så gråt en skvätt, sök tröst där den finnes, och försök igen. Det är så enkelt, och så svårt. Varken mer eller mindre.

  • A Little Bit Of Everything

    That might possibly be the worst post title thus far, but my mind is elsewhere. Besides I’m not one for snappy titles promising gold and glory, while delivering a list of things on my mind at the moment. Which of course is what I’ve got for you. (more…)

  • The Right Tool

    People tend to talk in absolutes when it comes to tools. This is the best phone, that’s the best camera, this is the best pen, that’s the best notebook, this computer, that car, this games console, that coffee maker… You get the point. Not all who claim something like “the iPhone is the best smartphone” are fanboys, but they’re talking in absolutes. As fanboys are prone to doing too, incidentally.

    Photo by Robert S. Donovan (CC)
    Photo by Robert S. Donovan (CC)

    “The iPhone is the best smartphone.”

    “The Moleskine is the best notebook.”

    “The retina MacBook Pro is the best computer.”

    All these statements are undeniably true for me at the moment. They’re not true because these products – the iPhone, the Moleskine notebook, the retina MacBook Pro – really are the best there are (although they very well could be), but because I have them right here with me.

    The right tool for anything is the one you’ve got at hand. It isn’t important what you could or should be using, what’s important is what you’re using.

    My shoe is the right tool for hammer in a nail, if it’s the only thing I can use at the time. If I’d have a hammer, any hammer, then that would be the right tool because it performs better. Until I’ve got a better option at hand, the one I’ve got with me is the best one. This is exceptionally true for photography (the best camera is the one you’ve got with you, more often than not the mobile phone) and writing (write with what you’ve got, which could be the iPad).

    Use what you’ve got. They’re the right tools for you.

  • One Month Of iPhone Novel Writing

    On August 1st this year, I started to write a novel on my iPhone. It’s a long project that’ll end next year. The idea is to write 300 words daily on my novel manuscript, on my iPhone, and obviously there’s a point to be proven in the end. Along the way, I realized that I need to schedule time and words for outlining work, and I’ve done that on a weekly basis, more or less.

    One month in, I’ve written at least 300 words daily. The 31 days of August should mean that I’d have at least 9,300 words, but some of these words have ended up in the outline. Then again, I easily make up for the lost words by writing more than 300 words daily on average. The manuscript is 10,263 words long after one month, that’s 331 words per day had I spent all my writing on it. In short, I’m on schedule, despite the change in procedure that the outline work prompted.

    Some additional notes:

    • I still write around 350 (manuscript) words per session, at 11–13 minutes.
    • The word count of each session have had an impact on the pacing of the story. I’ve since adjusted, but this might mean that additional editing’s needed, beyond the usual needs of course.
    • The story is progressing faster than expected, which means I’ll have to reconsider my outline yet again. We’ll see where this takes me later on.
    • I tend to write late afternoons or during the evening. The daily alert I’ve got at 4 pm obviously has something to do with this.

    So far so good. I expect to report on the project on a monthly basis from now on, assuming there’s something to report. Daily updates are posted to Twitter and if you’re interested.