Month: August 2020

  • The weird webring

    Remember webrings? Of course not… It was a web 1.0 phenomenon where sites linked to each other in a ring-like fashion, usually with an ugly graphic somewhere. The blogroll was the natural evolution of webrings.

    There’s a webring, called the Weird Wide Webring, that I love, and would join if it didn’t mean sticking yet another JavaScript on my site. Do check it out though, it’s made by Jack McDade, known for the Statamic CMS and his own wacky website. Fun times.

  • In 2 Minutes or Less

    In 2 Minutes or Less

    Here’s something to live by: If it takes 2 minutes or less, just do it.

    Got an email that you can reply to in 2 minutes or less? Hit reply and, well, reply, getting it out of your inbox and – more importantly – out of your mind.


  • Craigstarter

    Congratulations are in order, because Craig Mod has launched a successful campaign for his new book, Kissa by Kissa. Yes, it’s about walking, as most things seem to be with Craig these days. He created something wonderful, the Craigstarter, for this project. It’s essentially a way to do crowdfunding with Shopify, with proper support for stretch goals and everything. I love the fact that something called Craigstarter exists, and released into the wild for everyone to use too.

    Also, this resonated well with me, because Craig’s projects are funded by his Special Projects membership drive:

    I see all members as voters, but Yearly Members are like mini-investors. As I wrote in Kickstartup: “I want to share with you a story about books, publishing, fundraising and seed capital.” Yearly Memberships are seed capital. I don’t mean that in the way of crude, spreadsheet driven, emotionless capital deployment, but in the freedom-unlocking, the opportunity-giving way. Obviously, members are not only “seed capital,” but the dollar amount of Yearly Memberships, in aggregate, become a kind of Kalman filter or linear quadratic estimation in a way that Monthly amounts aren’t. Yearly members say: Ya got a year, delight me! And if I fail to do so, the onus is on me. So, as a thanks to Yearly Supporters for that pledge of faith, I see the $50 coupon as a kind of financial dividend (beyond all the cultural dividends I hope the program inherently pays).

    Read about the project in Roden 042, which – of course – is a newsletter.

  • Switch to iPad hits issue three tomorrow

    The first two issues of Switch to iPad has been sent to subscribers, both free for all. The first issue, asking the question wether you’re ready to switch to iPad, clocked in at 1,500 words, whereas the second – covering picking the right iPad – was 1,900 words.

    The third issue is due on Tuesday, and it’s another long one: the first draft is 1,900 words. Issue 3 is only for paying subscribers though, so you might want to consider subscribing? Pretty please?

    Either way, I’m happy with the Switch to iPad project thus far, and I’m looking forward to keeping at this for quite some time.