The creator of the selfie stick

Speaking of selfies, The Guardian thinks they’ve found the creator of the original selfie stick, Wayne Fromm.

Now 60, Fromm stands a good chance of being remembered as “the man who invented the selfie stick”, not least because he’s the man saying that he did so. However, as he admits, people had stuck cameras on poles for years before him. Which raises the question, is a selfie stick really something you can invent? “In hindsight, it’s a simple idea,” Fromm admits. “But if you look at anything – a shoe horn, shoelaces – there’s nothing that wasn’t created by somebody … If it were not for my work over the 10 years, today’s selfie stick would not exist.”

No word on wether he’s psychotic, although it’d be hard to fault him if that’s the case. After all, he’s not making any money from all those cheap plastic things that sells today, despite being (possibly) entitled to some of the revenue.