The Power That Is Possibilities

In my hands is a portable machine that lets me create just about anything. Maybe I’ll refine it, maybe I’ll tweak it, maybe I’ll trash it, but the possibilities are there.

So are the distractions and hence I’m thinking a lot about what all the noise is giving me. Do I need to be this available online get the most out of Twitter and Facebook? Can I disconnect for a week/month/year and still live on?

Of course I can, and so can you.

Through sweat and wine, these last days if the year 2012, I ponder the future of social media and online sharing, and what it means in terms of investment. Communication is always the center of anything, but it should be on our individual terms and not some predestined This Is How You Do It ruleset. I wonder if that’s how I’m living today. Am I communicating, playing around for fun, or am I just procrastinating because it is too hard to get real work done all the time? And if that is true, is it good or bad that I’m doing what I’m doing?

I’m not sure, I have an inkling, but I’m not sure just yet.

What about you? What are you doing with the power that is Possibilities today? It is worth considering.