Peter Molyneux finally shuts up?

Games industry personality Peter Molyneux says he won’t speak to the press again, but…

Peter Molyneux has admitted regret and culpability; he was clearly in distress throughout the interview – an interview he told us would will be his last. An hour before publication, however, we discovered that he had spoken to the gaming news site Rock, Paper, Shotgun the day before, and had given their interviewer the same impression – that he would no longer be speaking to the press (that interview is now online). He has also spoken to at least one other site, seemingly on the same afternoon as our discussion. Another trail of broken assurances.

Why? Because of the interview with Curiosity winner Bryan Henderson, someone who Molyneux’s company 22Cans has treated like garbage, despite big – and media pimped – promises. The big question is why anyone’s listening to this piece of work anymore.