Hey look, a new bag

Some might say I have a bag problem, while others will add that yes, you do, but you also have a headphone problem. I’d dispute this, but that’d fall to deaf ears, so I’ll just own it, I guess.

The Axial Messenger from the sadly defunct Modern Industry has been my daily I just need a small bag for my iPad and some stuff driver for a long time. It worked great when iPads were smaller, but the 10” iPad Pro in its sleeve with the Pencil is a bit tricky to get out easily, so I’ve been on the lookout for something new. Enter Peg and Awl, and their Hunters Satchel, which Warren Ellis pointed me to in his excellent newsletter. The Hunters Satchel is a somewhat pricy piece of craftsmanship that I immediately fell in love with, from the story behind the sling, to the superb quality. Read about it on Peg and Awl’s site.

The setup is updated accordingly, with this and many other things. Yes, headphones too. Shut up.