I just went with it last night. From a few drinks in the office, to dinner, to bar-hopping with strangers. All in good fun, but it has twisted my day somewhat. I managed to drink fancy wine with Jesper this afternoon though, before heading home to fiddle with nothing in particular.

Shit finally hit the fan, and I’m declaring war on Monday. You’ll hear all about it, and the people responsible for being inconsiderate assholes, unless things are magically resolved over the weekend. I sincerely doubt that. This might very well end up in court. Such fun.

I’m going to wrap up my slow Saturday with a movie, I think. Or maybe I’ll play something. We’ll see. I won’t be thinking about what’s coming, and the hardships it’ll bring. That’ll be here soon enough. Enjoy your evening, and remember to wear something green, because people have already started the celebrations.

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