Announcing The MacBook Fury

Fast asleep, I dreamt up the MacBook Fury, a fusion of the retina MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. Not too much to say about that, but here’s the disturbing part.

My head dreamt up a press release where Apple announced the MacBook Fury. In my dream, I read about it on some Apple blog or other, quoted obviously. I visited Apple’s Swedish site to read the press release in Swedish, where it was available in the stilted language these things are usually presented in. Then, making a mental note of the crappy translation, I proceeded to tell my girlfriend about the MacBook Fury, quoting said press release myself.

In other words, I dreamt of a new Apple product. Then my mind created the press release for said product, so that I could “read” about it in English. And then, in my dream, said press release is translated to Swedish so that I can tell my girlfriend about it. To top things off, the moment I woke up I stumbled out of bed to jot these things down on my retina MacBook Pro, hungover and miserable, yet flabbergasted about the whole thing.

I need help. And a MacBook Fury.