Books available now

A lot of you have asked me about which of my books are available now (as in mid-June 2011), and which one they should buy. Obviously I think you should buy them all, but that’s just the greedy penmonkey talking.

It’s quite simple really, this is what’s available.

  • Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog, 2nd Edition
    I like to think that this edition is way better than the first edition, entirely updated to WordPress 3.1 as well. This is your primary purchase if you want to learn what you can do with WordPress.
  • Smashing WordPress Themes
    This book focuses solely on themes, so if you only want to fiddle with that then this is your choice.

Get them from the spanking new Store page, or your favorite carrier of all things books.

That’s it! Don’t buy the first edition of Beyond the Blog unless you’re looking to get a complete collection, the second edition is a better choice.

So should you buy both of these books? Well, the Themes book offers a lot more examples of theme usage, so it might help you achieve a greater understanding of that. However, Beyond the Blog also covers themes so if you feel you don’t need more than that you can save some money here. Or just buy both to keep me writing more books!

What else? In September you can buy Tackling Tumblr, a book by yours truly outside the Smashing series that tackles Tumblr from the ground up. More on that as we’re a bit closer to the release date.

So there you have it, those are the books available from yours truly right now! I might squeeze something else in before Autumn though, we’ll see. For now you’ll have to make do with this.