Five Things (April 10th, 2020)

Some things are not important and/or baked enough to be proper posts, nor are they journal entries, and then those things go to die. (Or end up in the newsletter, I guess…)

No more. I’m resurrecting the list posts, because if blogs can be back (they never left), then so can list posts. Buzzfeed’s stocks are soaring, I’m sure.

I used to do these Things Enjoyed lists a few years ago. Time sure flies, and now we’re all in quarantine and bored, so this sort of thing feels quite on point again. The concept is simple. I write about five things I’ve enjoyed recently, you read it, and then go about your day.

So, in no particular order, then:

  1. Bob Dylan isn’t for everyone, but his 17 minute long song Murder Most Foul is something of a masterpiece, or at least a playlist in song form. It’s also his first Billboard number 1, imagine that! Search for it on your favorite music streaming service.
  2. The mouse support (which, let’s face it, is more of a proper trackpad support because you want the gestures) in iPadOS is awesome and I’m already finding uses for it, but it promises a lot more than it can deliver. Case in point: Web services such as Mailchimp still suck on touchscreens, small scrolling issues and whatnot. But damn, I’m looking forward to proper cursor control for editing manuscripts on the iPad Pro.
  3. I’ve been watching Downton Abbey with my girlfriend. It’s one of those shows I didn’t have time to give a shot when they were hot. Now there’s a movie, and we needed something to follow up the utterly brilliant City on a Hill, so here we are. And I’m enjoying it for what it is.
  4. Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch is a phenomenon. Check out the r/AnimalCrossing reddit, or just read one of the hundreds of stories that’s been published on the topic the past few weeks. It’s a huge success, a savior in today’s batshit-crazy world, and great fun. I prefer it in handheld mode actually.
  5. Profoto C1 Plus is a fun light if you’re into to photography. I’m finding a lot of uses for it. Now I’m looking to get my hands on some Moment lenses to see if my iPhone 11 Pro has anything on the Fujifilm X-T2…

Check you the Things Enjoyed tag if you want more lists. They’re pretty dated in comparison, but I’m sure I was before my time back then…