Smashing WordPress Themes sells 1,500+ first month

I’m happy to let you all know that the preliminary report of the Smashing WordPress Themes: Making WordPress Beautiful sales for February are over 1,500 copies. That’s pretty good, a better start than the first edition of Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog got anyway.

Speaking of which, I’m surprised to see that Beyond the Blog continues to sell well over 500 copies monthly. The book is over a year old and the second edition is due in April, so I urge you to pick up Smashing WordPress Themes instead, or hold off until the Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog, 2nd Edition in April. More on that one here.

These numbers are far from final, you never know how many books you’ve sold until well the year after the book launch. Needless to say, I’m pretty happy with the sales of my debut book, and the follow-up (Smashing WordPress Themes) is off to a good start.

Here’s hoping my third (fourth if you count the upcoming 2nd Edition of Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog) book will do just as well. As soon as I know when it’s out and stuff like that I’ll share more on that, details are a bit hazy on what I’m supposed to be allowed to say at this point.