Some Thoughts In The Evening

Good evening. At least it’s evening here, bordering to night actually. The wind’s doing its best to shatter the windows, but it’s not even close. This is, after all, cold and damp Stockholm, capital of Sweden (the land of kings). Here wind rarely ruins civilization, although it can be a nuisance, and occasionally something more than that.

But not tonight, not here.

It’s been a while since I published something here. There are reasons for this of course. Work has kept me occupied, we’re doing really cool stuff for one of the major publishing houses in Sweden, or rather, with their Swedish properties, using WordPress and ingenuity. Wrapping up Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog, 4th Edition (a mouthful if there ever was one) has taken its toll too, it’s in author review now and hopefully it’ll launch in the first quarter next year. I’m excited about that.

I’m also excited about returning to The Writer’s iPad, with a revised edition. There are more apps, accessories, and iPad models to cover. I’ve got something extra in store there too.

Shrtnws is trudging along. It’s a fun experiment, as my Tumblr followers no doubt have seen.

There are a handful of other projects – short stories mostly, but a novella too – that are on the horizon as well. All delayed, all waiting for their turn. Let’s not dwell on that.

I try not to do too many things at once these days, not to juggle so many flaming chainsaws. It’s hard, but rewarding in its own way. Staying focused – and I do realize that “focused” is a matter of personal preference here, most would probably disapprove of the amount of things on my plate – means more thoughts, better output, and a plethora of ideas to consider.

None of that tonight. I’ve already spent time thinking, made some decisions, and now I’ve put it all to rest for some relaxation, which generally means an hour or so of reading. Knowing when to stop mulling over possibilities is just as important as picking the right one to work with.

With that I wish you a good, albeit windy, evening.