The Final Chapter

I’m putting the finishing touches to the final chapter of Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog, 4th Edition right now. It is not the last chapter in the book, rather the one that I’m not done with yet. I try to write chronologically, but revisions are different and technical literature even more so.

Along with this last chapter, which I hope will get wrapped up and sent to the editor today, is 40 or so screenshots I need to retake. Normally I’d do that alongside the writing, but the process with this edition hasn’t been normal. It’s been educational though, and the end result is better than the previous edition, so I’m happy with it. I think the readers will appreciate it too, so there.

I’m even more happy about the fact that I can get along with three other projects, starting sometime next week. The final chapter is always the toughest one for me because The Next Big Thing is on the horizon, and I want to get going.

But not until after a suitable celebration of a manuscript delivered and a job well done, of course.