Things Enjoyed in March 2015

Let’s be honest: March wasn’t kind to me. Work’s fun and all, but it’s been a rough month nonetheless, something regular readers no doubt knew already, due to the lack of updates here. It doesn’t help that I’ve not met my own writing deadlines, that always pisses me off. I did have nice and (not so) sober 35th birthday at the end of the month, so let’s decide that that’s the turning point, alright?

And with that, the list of things actually enjoyed in March 2015:

  • Bowmore Black Rock turned out to be a pleasant single malt whisky. Not an explosion of flavors or anything, but just enough smoke to make it a good second glass. A gift from our neighbors, as thank you for watching their cats. Win-win. (I did have better whisky than that this month, but that’s for another post.)
  • The New Nintendo 3DS XL is pretty darn sweet. I picked up the Majora’s Mask one, because that’s a pretty darn sweet game.
  • I enjoyed wrapping up the first draft of a novel, but that’s about the only fiction writing I’ve gotten done. It’s been a rough month for the writer, which depresses me.
  • Dragon Age: Origins is alright. I started playing it on PS3, but that one got stolen, and now I want to give it a shot before I move on to Inquisition. Not overly impressed by Origins though, it lacks heart thus far.
  • I really like my Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 and Lunar Forever 4 (looks discontinued). Spring can’t come soon enough to Stockholm.

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