Yes, I can tell COVID-19 affects you

There’s an email about COVID-19 and what the sender does about it, or rather, an affirmation that it is taking the virus seriously, hitting my inbox every other hour. These mails is from grocery stores and shopping malls, todo app developers and gaming companies, airlines and tech giants, and so on. They’ve all seen fit to write the same bloody email about COVID-19, and spam the world with self-righteous words meaning nothing.

Yes, I get it, we get it. The virus affects you, and you might have to make some changes in your offerings (most don’t), but I shouldn’t worry because you’re following the development closely. Thank the heavens, what would I ever do without this knowledge.

This situation is hard, more so for some than others. Nobody needs a we take this seriously email from a business. Add value or shut up, it’s as simple as that.