10 Million iPad Minis and Millions Spent on Patent War

Apple is rumored to have placed an order for a whopping 10 million iPad Mini units. This long time rumored 7″ sibling to the successful iPad is said to be announced at an event in October, and hit stores in November. 10 million units are to get Apple through the fourth quarter, and is twice the amount of Kindle Fire HD’s ordered by Amazon, all according to the Wall Street Journal.

The patent war with Google-Motorola, among others, have made Apple invest more in its patent portfolio than in R&D. Read the The New York Times feature iEconomy for an interesting insight in how a modern day successful technology has to keep up with the patent system.

Rovio have announced Angry Birds Star Wars, which launces on November 8th. This might be the Game of the Year people. Just to make George Lucas and the Finnish developer even more money, there will also be Angry Birds Star Wars themed toys in toy stores.

The Lightning adapter that makes your old charger cables and devices work with the iPhone 5 is shipping.

Finally, Sega is releasing a version of its arcade and Sega Dreamcast classic Crazy Taxi for iOS. They are announcing it with what might be the shortest trailer thus far from the company.

Curious about this post? Pay it no heed for now, it is an experiment and nothing more.