Google Docs needs to get its act together

There was a time when I wanted everything in Google Docs. When I thought that the simple word processor and spreadsheet was enough for me, that they covered my needs and was a viable alternative to local software.

There was a time.

Unfortunately things are different these days. If I want to share a spreadsheet with colleagues, I often have to try it several times because “sharing is currently unavailable”. If I want to write something, Docs sometimes finds it prudent to insert weird characters when I’m using the arrow keys to move the cursor. If I format a document, close it and then open it again, the formatting is sometimes not only lost, but completely random compared to what I put in.

Google Docs isn’t getting it right these days. More and more of my writing is offline, and if it wasn’t for the need to share spreadsheets with art directors and whatnot when working with print magazines, I’d be working solely offline.

That was not the direction I thought things would point a year ago.

Google Docs needs to get its act together. If it’s not good enough for me, a dedicated diehard web worker (among other things), then who should use it?